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Amibroker India is the page dedicated to Indian users of Amibroker. It is a software developed by Tomasz Janeczko from Poland. Thomasz initially built it for personal use in mid-90s but today it has become the most popular retail software for Financial Market Analysis. He works with a small but highly efficient team for development and support for Amibroker.

How to Buy Amibroker in India

Thomasz has not authorized any reseller in India to sell Amibroker. The possible reason is likely the chaotic stock market industry in India. As per the warning mentioned on

WARNING: Nobody in India is allowed to resell AmiBroker. If you find a site that is claiming to resell AmiBroker in India – it is a SCAM. If you purchase from SCAM site you are exposing your computer to viruses, trojans and cybercrime, you will NOT receive any support from us and you may be subject to criminal investigation for violation of our intellectual property rights.

For any new orders from India – please order directly at on-line shop. So the only choice for anyone to buy Amibroker in India is directly from

Please also note that any telephonic support is not available by They will provide you only email support.

Amibroker India Price

The price of Amibroker is standard for India or other countries. The professional version of Amibroker (for intraday trading) costs aprox Rs. 23,000 and standard version (for positional trading) costs aprox Rs. 19,000.

The prices are $339 and $279 respectively.

Amibroker India Free Download

The trial version of Amibroker is free to download at amibroker website. The trial version is sufficient for even automated intraday trading. This is because there is no limitation on charting or afl codes in the trial version. However, it may require extra effort to configure it with datafeed or broker’s automated trading platform.

Download Link:

Amibroker India Training

Guide to Quantitative Investing and Algorithmic Trading

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Amibroker India buy sell

Getting Started With Amibroker Auto Trading

Watch the two videos below for some our amazing solutions, and contact us through

    • AmiBroker is a popular technical analysis and charting software that supports algorithmic trading through its AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) scripting language. If you’re interested in algorithmic trading with AmiBroker, here are some key points to consider:
      1. AFL Programming Language:
        • AmiBroker uses its proprietary scripting language called AFL for developing trading strategies. AFL is specifically designed for technical analysis and trading system development.
      2. Backtesting:
        • AmiBroker allows you to backtest your trading strategies using historical data. This is a crucial step to evaluate the performance of your strategy before deploying it in live markets.
      3. Order Execution:
        • AmiBroker does not provide direct order execution capabilities. Instead, it can generate signals that you can use to manually place orders with your broker. Some brokers may offer integration with AmiBroker for semi-automated trading.
      4. Real-Time Data Feeds:
        • For accurate backtesting and real-time analysis, you need a reliable data feed. AmiBroker supports integration with various data providers, and you should ensure that you have access to real-time market data.
      5. Brokers and Data Feeds Compatibility:
        • Ensure that your preferred broker is compatible with AmiBroker, and the data feed is supported. Some brokers provide plugins or interfaces that allow for direct integration with AmiBroker.
      6. Automated Trading Platforms:
        • While AmiBroker itself does not directly execute trades, you can use third-party platforms or brokers that offer automated trading capabilities. These platforms may allow you to implement your AmiBroker-generated signals in an automated manner.
      7. Position Sizing and Risk Management:
        • Implement proper position sizing and risk management strategies within your AFL code. This is essential to protect your capital and manage the overall risk of your trading system.
      8. Continuous Learning:
        • Keep yourself updated with AFL and AmiBroker developments. The AmiBroker community is active, and you can find forums and resources for learning and troubleshooting.
      9. Documentation and Resources:
        • Refer to the official AmiBroker documentation and user guides. There are also online communities and forums where traders and developers share insights and solutions related to AmiBroker and AFL programming.
      10. Paper Trading:
        • Practice your strategies using AmiBroker’s paper trading feature or with a simulated trading account. This allows you to test your strategies in a risk-free environment.

      Remember that algorithmic trading involves risks, and thorough testing and understanding of your strategies are essential before deploying them in live markets. Always follow best practices for risk management and stay informed about any updates or changes in the software and market conditions.

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    Sir, how many days I can use the amibroker 6.0 standard trial version? Is there any such time limit?

  3. AlgoPro
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    @Nhisanko, there is two-month time limit. But two-month period is sufficient to learn Amibroker if you invest daily couple of hours.

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    I want to no any subdealer i banglore for software and trainning

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    Amibroker is the most preferred software for trading/technincal analysis in India

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    Please suggest a course for a total newbee to Amibroker, which will help one to configure for Indian market and will teach AFL.

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    I’m looking for algo software along with scanner and placing order AFL.

    Pls let know the price for it.

  16. Jayakumar Sriram
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    I’m looking for algo software along with scanner and placing order AFL.

    Pls let know the price for it……

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      Thanks for reaching with us 8766334686
      in this number you can connect with Algoji Enterprises Private Limited

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