Amibroker AFL Course And Personalized Training

Amibroker AFL Course is helpful for beginner traders who need system setup support, or advanced traders who need automation guidance. Such course is recommended only for those people who want to shorten their learning curve (save time). Also, the course is useful for those who want the comfort of an experienced personal trainer. If you want to learn AFL coding by yourself, please refer FREE online resources: Amibroker Resources

Update: This article is now obsolete. Amibroker course is now available free, click here to start learning.


Why Chose Amibroker

Amibroker is currently the most popular software in India and is going to stay in the industry for a long time. In the blazing fast technology era where new trading software is around every month, Amibroker will last at least a decade. This is because it has a open ecosystem which supports further development.

Beginners Amibroker Training

  • Online remote computer support
  • Setup/installation on computer, tablet and mobiles; using a VPS
  • Setting up datafeed,  creating and managing a database which is ideal for your trading style
  • Integration with API/NEST/NOW/ODIN
  • Amibroker usability concepts: Multi-Threaded Charting, Multi-Threaded Analysis, Multi-monitor floating charts, drag-and-drop indicator creation, multiple currency handling, volume profile, object-oriented charting, drawing layers, multi-window layouts, symbol and interval linking, Sector and Industry assignment
  • Alerts for signal generation, automatic scanner, automatic email/sound/popup alerts
  • Developing and backtesting basic/common trading strategies without programming knowledge
  • AFL library properly organized which has 1000s of categorized trading systems

Advanced Amibroker AFL Course

  • Development of a COMPLETE trading system from scratch
  • Multiple Time-Frame strategies, Composite indicators, scaling/position sizing, Rotational Systems, Hedging
    Status, Lookup, Trace, Switch
  • Backtesting with realistic trade price and trading costs, Portfolio-Level Backtesting, Automatic Walk-Forward Testing, Ranking functions, Optimization, Smart Evolutionary algorithms, market-neutral systems, 3D optimization charts, Equity Function, CBT custom metrics
  • Strategy Consultancy: indicator normalization, indicator co-linearity, trading premise segregation, building a portfolio of strategies, diversification, avoid curve-fitting, avoid data snooping
  • Strategy Automation: recommendations for idea plugin as per strategy requirements, integration with auto-trading plugin
  • Trading for Multi-client, multi-strategy, multi-scrip and multi-exchange
  • AFL library properly organized which has 1000s of categorized trading systems
  • Automatic twitter/facebook/blog posting


Structure & Fees of Amibroker AFL Course

Amibroker AFL Course And Personalized Training

Training Method: Exercises, Templates, Chat, Remote Support

Training Mode: Online Only (telephonic support not provided. Students may record chat transcript for future reference purpose).

How To Start: Please contact freelancers via:

Upwork has more than 1.5 million clients and pays more than $1 billion annually to programmers. Your money and satisfaction is guaranteed, to know more, visit: Please note that there is no advance payment, you have to pay after successful progress.

Syllabus/Content for Amibroker Training

The syllabus for Amibroker training is not fixed because the same syllabus does not fits every individual needs. Every individual has a different knowledge level, different level if interest and different learning goals.

The syllabus is personalized for each student using a questionnaire:

  1. What is your short-term goal? backtesting a trading idea or deploying an AFL in real-time
  2. What is your long-term career goal?becoming a trader, technical analyst or sub-broker.
  3. What is your current familiarity with Amibroker. Have you tried AFL tutorials given in Amibroker help section
  4. What is the minimum hours per week you can dedicate to learning AFL
  5. Do you have Amibroker with some charting data in your computer?
  6. Specify a trading idea with which you will like to start learning AFL

The fees are payable to freelancers in hourly rate based on time required for training

Duration for Amibroker AFL Course

The duration for Amibroker training simply depends upon the level of expertise the you want to acquire. You may take training 10 hours per week to quickly gain expertise. Or alternatively, if you are busy, you can take just 2 hours of training per week and work on the coding exercises.

Is There Any Lump sum Fees

You do not need to pay in lump sum because the required number of training hours is not fixed. Hourly fees may be paid to Upwork as and when training is requires. There is complete flexibility in billing the number of hours. It simply depends upon the understanding between you and trainer.

Sample Content for Amibroker AFL Course (advanced)

Module1: AFL Concepts (Most Imp)

  1. Writing buy/sell in a FOR loop
  2. Flags vs arrays
  3. Static Variables
  4. Trace
  5. SetBarsRequired
  6. Status
  7. Lookup
  8. Switch

Estimate Teaching Duration: 15+ hrs

Module2: Backtesting and Optimization

  1. Checking for reference of future quotes
  2. Defining BuyPrice/SellPrice/ShortPrice/CoverPrice
  3. scaling/position sizing array and different techniques
  4. Equity Function
  5. Smart Optimization
  6. Custom CBT Metrics

Estimate Teaching Duration: 20+hrs

Module3: Foreign/Composite Functions

  1. Composite indicators
  2. Rotational Systems,
  3. Hedging
  4. Ranking functions
  5. Referencing other symbol data functions
  6. Function declaration and its use in afl
  7. Information categories and their use

Estimate Teaching Duration: 10+hrs

Module4: Graphic & Others

  1. I/O File functions
  2. Miscellanous functions
  3. String Manipulation functions
  4. Graphics functions
  5. Matrix Functions

Estimate Teaching Duration: 10+hrs