Guide to Quantitative Investing and Algorithmic Trading

  • Start from zero level, and learn professional concepts beyond internet articles, help manual, and even trading books
  • Any other purchase of data/software/books not required to complete this course
  • Understand quantitative side of trading and investing
  • Code in AFL and build a foundation for coding in all platforms
  • Discover, validate and trade live in full automated trading environment
  • Increase your chances of employment in Algorithmic Trading firms
  • Start a side-job that doesn’t interfere with office hours
  • Grow a large fund for your retirement
  • Give up views, opinions, and whims; start scientific trading and investing

This is a pre-recorded course with personal query support through Official Amibroker Forums



Course Overview
1.1 Automated Trading vs Algorithmic Trading
1.2 Why Amibroker is Exceptionally Useful for Professionals
Setting Up Amibroker
2.1 Installing Amibroker
2.2 Setting Up Historical Database
2.3 Setting Up Live Database
2.4 Watchlists, Symbol Information,  , Quote Editor, Realtime Quote, Time & Sales
2.5 Charting Guide
2.6 Chart sheets, Templates and Layouts
2.7 Database Settings for FOREX, Equities, Commodities
2.8 Database Structure
2.9 Database Tricks
AFL Coding Primer
3.1 Programming for non-programmers
3.2 Coding Your Own Indicators
3.3 Coding Your Own Explorations
3.4 Coding Your Own Strategy
3.5 Scanning for Signals
3.6 Optimizing Your Strategy
Quantitative Investing
4.1 Ranking Stocks & Rotational Backtesting
4.2 Economic Indicators
4.3 Your Custom Index and Composite Indicators
Coding a Real Strategy
5.1 Beyond the Help Manual
5.2 Beyond the Trading Books
5.3 Beyond the Internet Articles
Algorithmic Trading with Amibroker
6.1 Masterstroke – Algo Trading with Amibroker
6.2 Algorithmic Trading with Interactive Brokers TWS

6.3 Futures n Options Algos Made Easy


This course has beginner to intermediate level curriculum, with advanced level insights. But, the coure starts from zero level, and gradually, takes you to the advanced level.

Course containts 30+ video turorials, assignments, AFL templates and lot of other resources with forum based query resolution support.

Section 1 of the course teaches you, what exactly is algorithmic trading. Also, I specify, why I am using Amibroker, among all other software tools, to teach you algorithmic trading.
In Section 2, we learn basics, how to install and where to click; before we actually start some serious stuff.
Section 3, is an AFL coding primer. If you are coming from a non-programming background, it gives you solid foundation, to learn programming trading strategies.
Section 4, is exclusively quantiative investing. It teaches, Ranking strategies, rotational strategies, economic indicators, custom index and composite indicators.
Section 5 takes you the advances level. In this section, I will teach you professioanal insights which cannot be found in help manuals, internet articles, or even trading books.
Section 6 is the last session, where I teach you how to execute trades in a completely automated environment.

In this course videos, I have used data for US stocks, UK stocks, Indian stocks and Forex. Also, I have shown analysis ranging from chart studies to explorations and backtesting. I have shown both trading and investment strategies. I have used as much varied examples as possible to give you a comprehensive understanding. To start your own trading, you will need to pick the pieces which are most relevant to your trading or investing style.

Thank for your time! Wish you a fruitful learning ahead.


1. For whom is this course useful?

Anyone who wants to learn the professional side of trading & investment strategies.

  • The algo trading course suits students from non-programming background because it uses AFL as the tool for education.
  • At the same time, the course also suits students with strong programming skills in R/C++/Python/Java/Matlab. For students with programming background, professional trading concepts are introduced in AFL, which can be replicated in technology of their choice. For example, real-time handling of trade triggers and API integration is similar in most technologies

2. What are the pre-requisites for taking algo trading course?

An open mind- you can learn everything in this course with free Amibroker trial and free Interactive Brokers demo account

3. For what duration do I have access to recording?


4. Do I get a good afl strategy? Tell me about AFL strategies you provide

Yes, you will be given good AFL strategies… but please read this to know what we mean by a “good strategy” :


Amibroker Trial Limitations

The Amibroker trial has limitation that it does not saves any database changes. It can be little irritating that whenever you start Amibroker fresh, you will need to create database and import data again. But also remember, it just a matter of getting used to few sequence of clicks.
The other limitation is that you can run analysis or backtest on a maximum of 5 stocks. But again, this is sufficient to learn everything in this course- backtesting, optimization, rotational strategies etc. If you really find Amibroker useful, you should buy it after
I do NOT have any affiliation/partnership/sponsorship from It just a matter of being honest that I use Amibroker as a tool to teach algo trading; because I have found it easier than anything else, in my professional experience spanning over a decade.

Interactive Broker TWS Trial Limitations

You can get only Forex data from TWS demo account to Amibroker. Also, this data is delayed. However, it is one of the easiest setup to learn how orders can be fired real-time in full-automated environment.
I do NOT have any affiliation/partnership/sponsorship from Interactive Brokers.

What this course cannot give you

  1. This course cannot make you an expert in strategy design. It will give what is mentioned in syllabus- to introduce up to intermediate level concepts. You will need to practice a lot to reach expert level in any subject, what to say of Algo Trading.
  2. This course does not teach you investment techniques or technical analysis. There is just too much information on this subject over internet. This course does not give a formula to make you rich (aka get-rich-quick formula). You need to ask yourself- Can any computer software become perpetual money printing money? If someone makes you think Yes as the answer to this question, they are bluffing you.

Trainer Profile: Mr. Saurabh Lohiya

  • 10 years of systematic trading experience, CMT charter holder since 2010
  • Vast experience in Global Markets- Forex, Equities and Commodities; worked at proprietary trading firms
  • Expertise in Trading Strategy Automation and Algorithmic Trading; worked at a large brokerage house
  • Deployed diverse types of trading algorithms- from HFT to MFT to LFT
  • First-hand experience with latest trading technology in Indian and Global Markets