Free Amibroker Resources

There are many free amibroker resources because it has a large and supportive ecosystem.

The QIAT course now comes free for systematic learning about amibroker and afl coding.

Guide to Quantitative Investing and Algorithmic Trading

Amibroker official help is the best source overall. Check the official links:

  • Categorized list of Amibroker Tutorials:
  • The Amibroker Knowledge Base contains a large number of categorized articles:
  • The Amibroker User Knowledge Base contains a large number of development articles:
  • Introduction to AmiBroker – free PDF e-book by Howard Bandy:
  • Amibroker AFL Library:
  • Introduction to AddToComposite (by Herman van den Bergen):
  • System Development Tutorial (by Herman van den Bergen) :
  • For your custom query, email to [email protected], it is usually answered within 24 hours

Amibroker Yahoo Group has the largest number of discussion:

Given below are other useful articles for amibroker: