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Amibroker is a popular retail software for Techncial Aanlysis but it does not comes pre-packaged with stocks data feed. Sources of Amibroker data feed are maintained in this page.

The Best Amibroker Data Feed Source- CSV Import

Many data sources like,, yahoo finance, google finance etc. allow downloading scrip data in csv files. You can easily import CSV files through “Import Wizard” under File menu. Tip: you can import any kind of data- example monthly inflation rate, employment numbers etc. in Amibroker for analysis. Easy import of foreign data is one of the most powerful feature of Amibroker.

Free EOD Data for NSE, MCX

  • GetBhavCopy is a small and easy to use utility which can be used to import EOD data in Amibroker:
  • Google/Yahoo groups: some traders share their data in groups. One such group is
  • EOD2AmiBroker is inexpensive utility for importing EOD data with Open Interest:

Real-time Data (RTD) for Amibroker

For proper RTD data vendor, it is best practice to take data from NSE/MCX authorized data vendors. The data quality from these vendors is reliable and essential for intraday/momentum trading. On the downside, the data is also expensive because these vendors have to pay license fees to the exchanges.

Note: Exchange authorized data vendors provide Amibroker data through a data plugin dll. This is in contrast to unauthorized vendors who ‘push’ data in Amibroker forcible through text files. The data quality as well as Amibroker performance is much better in this case.

Also Some brokers provide real-time data for Amibroker- Zerodha, India Infoline, IndiaBulls, MasterTrust, ShareKhan etc. To understand difference in data quality provided by a vendor versus broker, please refer Best Real-time Datafeed (RTD) in India