5-Minute Amibroker Training for Algo Trading

Even if you are using Amibroker for first time, follow the steps given below for a quick 5-minute Amibroker training session! You can even use Amibroker for trading without using any charts!

If you are looking for Comprehensive Training, click Amibroker for Professional Strategy Design and Algo Trading (APSAT)

Amibroker Training for automated trading through charts:

Applying Strategy and integration AFL

1. When you first start Amibroker, it may open chart by default. Close any existing chart to start fresh algo trading experience.

close chart window


2. Go to File->New->Blank Chart and open a blank chart


3. Go to formula editor as shown in image below


4. In Formula Editor window, click Open as shown in open below


5. Open the Strategy AFL in formula editor


6. Once Strategy AFL is opened, Open a second window of Formula Editor


7. Open the ATS Integration AFL


8. Select ALL and Copy the code from ATS Integration AFL


9. Paste the code from ATS Integration AFL at the END of Strategy AFL


10. Save this file with a new name at convenient location


11. Apply this integrated strategy on the blank chart in step 2


Multi-charts Layouts

12. Repeat step number 2. and 11 to apply strategy on another chart window.

13. Tile windows vertically to view both charts

13 14

14. Set Parameters for both open charts; right-click on a chart->Paramters


15. Save the multi-chart layout; if Layout window in not visible, check it from the View menu


Using Trace Logs

Click on View ->Log, click Trace tab, right-click to enable internal trace output.



Other Settings

Preferences Settings: Keep bar timestamp at START time of interval


Please ensure that Multi-threaded charts execution is disabledfor trading with Nest Plus