5-Minute Tutorial – Auto Trading From Amibroker Scanner

The Amibroker scanner allows you to trade automatically without using any charts at all!. The best part is that you can trade through any common platforms- like Zerodha Pi, Symphony Presto, Trade Tiger, Nest Plus API or MasterTraderv3.0.

Just follow this tutorial for amibroker training when you want to do algo trading through its scanner feature. This is a very easy tutorial which can be even used by people completely new to amibroker.


Integrating/Editing AFLs

  1. Open the Strategy AFL in formula editor



2. Once Strategy AFL is opened, Open a second window of Formula Editor. In this window open the ATS Integration AFL

3. Select ALL and Copy the code from ATS Integration AFL


4. Paste the code from ATS Integration AFL at the END of Strategy AFL

045. Save this file with a new name at convenient location


Create a Watch List of Stocks

  1. Go to the Watchlist tab under Symbols Tab. If Symbols Tab is not visible, you can select it from the Windows menu in the top menu.

  1. Rename the watchlist by clicking on it twice. Example: Nifty50

0 Rename list

  1. Now add symbols to the watchlist by options from right-click on the watchlist. You can either add current symbol or add multiple symbols by typing in.

0 Add Symbols

Settings for Trading From Amibroker Scanner

Refer below image for all steps.

0 AA settings

  1. Click ‘Pick’ button to select the AFL which you have already integrated in above steps.
  2. Select the Symbol  on which you want to run Exploration/Scanner. In case you want to use watchlist, select ‘Use Filter’ the click ‘Define’ button to select watchlist
  3. Select ‘n last quotations’ and set it 2. This makes it scan last two candles in live market for trading/exploration
  4. Click ‘Settings’ button. In General Tab, select Periodicity same as the time frame on which you want to run exploration or trade live
  5. Click ‘Run Every’. In box next to run every, type ‘5sec’ to run the scanner or exploration every 5 seconds automatically

All done! For live trading, press the ‘Scan’ button. To scan for signals, you can also run ‘Explore’ button.