FAQs Amibroker Algo Trading

Can I do automatic trading with any AFL strategy?

To automate any custom strategy, add apibridge automation code at the end of your AFL. You can customize your strategy also to suit your needs. See video here and pick suitable automation code.

How to automate supertrend strategy?

The strategy given in jump start tutorial for amibroker connection is supertrend. Please see here video how to automate it. You can test using bar-replay before live trading.

How to trade in options with auto strike selection?

In APIBridge, see here how to add all strikes in which your AFL can place order.
You can control any order parameter, such as option strike/type from Amibroker. See here signal syntax.
If you want to see AFL coding example on how to auto select strike, see “Options Auto Strike Selection” here.

How to change order qty dynamically for AFL strategy?

You can control any order parameter through the signal sent from Amibroker. See here signal syntax.
Also leave quantity blank in apibridge symbol settings, so that it takes quantity received in Signal.
If you want to see AFL coding example on how to send variable quantity on each signal, see “Buy-Sell-Double” here

How to trade without charts using Amibroker Scanner?

Any AFL which can be used on charts, can also be used without charts using Amibroker Automatic Scanner and APIBridge. See here for instructions.

How to do paper trading or simulated trading?

APIBridge allow you paper trading mode, to test out the entire setup, see here.
See here features allowed in paper trading.
In Amibroker see here use bar-replay or live charts to test your setup.

How to trade in BO or CO?

You can use CO, BO or all order types directly from AFL. See here AFL examples with syntax. You can create your own AFL template for BO/CO using examples here.

How to apply TSL?

You can apply TSL either through (1) TSL feature in BO give by your broker (2) TSL based exit in AFL code.
If you broker allows to provide TSL in BO, see example here for AFL syntax.
You can create your own AFL template for custom TSL using examples here.

How to apply SL and TGT?

You can apply SL and TGT either through (1) using CO/BO provided by your broker (2) SL/TGT based exit in AFL code
If you broker allows CO/BO, see alert format here how to use it.
You can use from here readily available AFL template “Intraday” for SL/TGT.

How to trade in MCX?

You can trade in MCX just like NSE futures. Please complete the jump start tutorial to setup your algo for MCX give here.

How to trade positional strategy?

Please see here some useful settings in APIBridge which will help you in positional trading. APIBridge will receive signals from Amibroker and based on the signals create your overnight positions.

Do I need to purchase Amibroker?

APIBridge works perfectly well with trial version of Amibroker.

What is the cost of complete setup for automation with Amibroker?

Complete setup cost stats with 0 (free) and goes up based on your trading requirements. For semi-auto, you can start with free Amibroker trial version and free APIBridge (paper trading). You can take paid APIBridge version for full automation (750) and also add TV Paid Amibroker. Finally, you can even add VPS for uninterrupted trading. For APIBridge subscription visit www.algoji.com For Amibroker versions see http://amibroker.com/order.html

Do I need VPS

You might not need a VPS essentially, but a VPS lets you trade without interruptions. You will not have to worry about internet disconnection even when your computer is shut. You can setup free VPS in AWS for API Bridge, see video here.

From where can I learn how to use Amibroker?

You can take free Amibroker course from https://algoji.com/guide-to-quantitative-investing-and-algorithmic-trading/
For algo trading using Amibroker, see MyCoder tutorials http://mycoder.pro/amibroker/

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