Fyers API Algo Review

Fyers is an entrepreneurial broker from Bangalore known for tech products. We provide you a summary to help you decide trading with Fyers.


Fyers Overall Highlights

  • Discount broker with great customer service.
  • First broker in India to provide TradingView charts. Also the cleanest charts using in-house clean database.
  • Provides better platforms than most other discount brokers. Fyers One desktop app is good for analysis. Fyers Web is easy for trading. New Fyers mobile app has very sleek design. Fyers APIBridge is well documented in Fyers KnowledgeBase..
  • Defensive in providing leverage and also has good backend RMS. It makes them a safe broker.
  • Also Fyers maintains a telegram support group for API and APIBridge.

Fyers API Algo Trading Highlights

API Sessions are not bound to new mobile app. Which means you can see/manage trades in new mobile app which are placed using Fyers API. Each client needs to separately generate and approve API Key/Secret for APIBridge.

Fyers API Features

API NameFyers API
API TypeIn-house
Auto Order CancellationYES
Trail SL in BONO
MCX FuturesYES
NSE CurrencyYES
NSE Weekly OptionsYES

Fyers API Rating

Very High = Ranks among top 10% comparative to other Brokers; High = Ranks in top one-third among other Brokers; Average = Ranks in mid-way among other brokers; Poor = Ranks in bottom one-third among other brokers.

Session StabilityAverage
Order Placement StabilityVery high
Order Status StabilityAverage
BO StabilityHigh
CO StabilityHigh
MTM/PnL StabilityAverage
Order Cancellation StabilityAverage
Get Net PositionsHigh
API Response SpeedHigh

Account Opening: Click here to open account. Note that Algoji does not take any brokerage commissions from Fyers. See here more on Algoji principles.

Fyers APIBridge link https://fyers.in/fyers-api-bridge

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