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AlgoJi is incubated by NASSCOM as mid-stage startup. This gives us tech-access to develop world-class solutions.

Principles Before Profits

  1. Privacy & Security: While everyone tries to gather as much user data as possible – including Facebook & Google, we have taken a principled approach. APIBridge does not access user’s transactional or confidential data. This includes broker/exchange credentials (such as passwords, API keys and secrets, and Client IDs), order history (details of orders submitted, modified, cancelled) and Strategy Data (details of trading strategy, trading logic or methodology).
  2. Zero Proprietory Trading: AlgoJi does not trades or invests in Capital Markets, we are a purely technology company. Even though our founders have illustrious experience Capital Markets.
  3. No Advisory: AlgoJi does not provides any recommendations for trading/investing in Capital Markets. Further, we do not provide/recommend and trading strategy, and we do not recommend any investment advisor.
  4. Zero Broking: AlgoJi does not has brokerage sharing agreement with any Stock Broker. We are absolutely broker neutral company. This usually becomes the biggest reason why traders fall in love with us.
  5. Platform Independent: AlgoJi does not has revenue sharing agreement with any Software Developer such as Amibroker, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradingView or others.

Challenge Bounty: Find us a competitor, anywhere in the world, with 1000+ active clients, whose follow these principles. We will code and implement your strategy for free!


Which platforms do you support for strategy implementation?
Amibroker, TradingView, MT4/MT5, NinjaTrader, C# .Net, Java and PHP

What’s special about MyCoder versus my local freelancer?
Security: You never know if your freelancer is selling your strategy to someone else
Trust: You know what you are paying for, with transparent process
Quality: Your freelancer can never match the technology capacity of an organization like AlgoJi
Implementation Expertise: Codes delivered by AlgoJi are pre-optimized for real-time algo trading
Reliability: Expect less bugs in beta release, and faster resolution time
Post-delivery Services: Your local freelancer is available now. How do you assure he will be available next month for critical modification in strategy?

How do I know my strategy is safe with AlgoJi?

  1. It’s based on our work culture – Principles Before Profits
  2. Scroll down to refer our NDA
  3. Even internally, (a) your personal identification information is hidden from developer (b) your logic is obfuscated from developer

What are the costs involved in strategy coding?
Rs. 10K to 50K. It depends completely on level of sophistication required.

What are the charges for strategy support after delivery?

NIL. One-hour training on strategy implementation will be given free of cost. Also, code level support will be provided for 15 days. If any bug found, you have choice to claim full refund or allow correction.

Note that paying the consultation charges (99 Rs) does not put you (or us) under obligation to go forward with actual strategy coding. The small consultation fee is only to filter out genuine requirements.

What are the steps involved in complete algo setup?

  1. 1. Consultation & quotation @ Rs. 99
  2. 2. Sending scope of work based on your approval
  3. 3. Full payment in advance
  4. 4. 100% refund if requirements in given timeline is not fulfilled
  5. 5. Code Delivery and training
  6. 6. Code level support will be provided for 15 days. If any bug found, you have choice to claim full refund or allow correction. If required, strategy modification/optimization post-delivery will be chargeable @ 1500 INR per developer hour
  7. 7. MyCoder costing is for custom coding only. This cost does not include any data cost or any software cost. You receive full code in editable form developed specifically to meet your requirements.

Specify your NDA
The Company acknowledges that Customer may provide Confidential Information while taking services from Company. Information which is not publicly available shall be deemed as Confidential Information provided by Customer. Confidential Information may include the Customer’s correspondence, information related to investing secrets, research templates, and extends to all knowledge and information relating to the Customer’s business, methodology, procedures, finances, specification and technology.
Company agrees that all Confidential Information given by Customer will be used internally only for programming purposes.

Specify your Indemnity Terms
The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold Company and its employees and agents harmless from and against, any and all suits, actions and proceedings, claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable outside attorneys’ fees, arising directly or indirectly in connection with:
a) a violation of any law, regulation or order of any government or judicial authority by him/her; or
b) any act omission, fraud, negligence or default or the breach of any of his/her obligations or representations hereunder, by him/her or his/her employees and agents; or
c) any infringement of any intellectual property right of any third Party; or
d) Disclosure of confidential information to any third party except with the written prior consent of the disclosing party.