Amibroker AFL- Intraday Trading Formula

This page shows you step-wise how to turn any good Amibroker AFL into an intraday trading formula. Many good Amibroker AFL strategies are available on internet but unfortunately there is no simple way to turn them into an intraday strategy.


How to Use Intraday Trading Formula (AFL)

Step 1: Click here to download the AFL file. Save it on standard location like desktop for convenient use in future.

Step 2: Apply your AFL strategy on chart which you want to use for AFL trading. You can also download an AFL strategy from the following articles:

Step 3: Drag-Drop the on your strategy chart.

intraday afl

Parameters in Intraday AFL

You can set the trade timings from Chart Parameters window.

Trade Entry From: Specify in HHMM format the time after which you want to start trading. Some traders do not trade in first 15 minutes after market open because market is very volatile at this time.

Trade Entry Upto: Specify in HHMM format the time after which you do not want to take a fresh trade. Example: Many traders do not want to create a new position in last one hour of market.

Trade Exit Time: Time at which Amibroker will generate exit signal for open positions.

Color of Signals: color of the trade signals which are plotted on chart. The AFL uses arrow for entry signals and star for exit signals.

Limitations of Intraday AFL

This AFL cannot continue a signal from previous day. In the example of SuperTrend, if ST continues in sell signal from yesterday, this AFL cannot plot fresh Sell signal at market open. For this purpose, the complete modification of original afl is required. Please share your coding requirement in comments section or avail personal consultancy.