Trading Strategy Development

Trading Strategy development services are now provided by AlgoJi for full auto trading in NSE, MCX and international exchanges

Supported APIs for Trading Strategy Development

  1. Interactive Brokers
  2. Tradelabs (Zerodha)
  3. Symphony Presto (multiple brokers)
  4. ProTrader (multiple brokers)
  5. Thomson Reuters (formerly omnesys, multiple brokers)
  6. Upstox API
  7. ShareKhan API

Component for Auto Trading System

  1. Data collection, filtering, formatting and storage
  2. Trade signal generation as per given logic
  3. Backtesting and Optimization
  4. Live Order management based on custom order execution for minimizing latency, slippage and impact
  5. Risk management through dynamic position size management, PnL alerts
  6. Money management at portfolio level, borrow costs

Platform for Trading Strategy Development

Currently only two platforms are supported for strategy development (signal generation)- Amibroker and Python. However, for trade automation, we can connect with multiple platforms like multicharts/ninjatrader/mt4 etc.

Fee & Costs

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