COM API (C Programming Language)

COM API by Omnesys can be used to harness the full power of C programming language. The C provides a static type system which prevents many unintended operations. Also, C provides constructs that map efficiently to typical machine instructions and can be used for core level programming.

The COM API is provided by Omnesys. It can be very useful if you are deploying strategy in server or co-location environment.


  • You strategy can receive market data feed via nest dll. All data arrays such as LTP, bid, ask, open, close etc. can be fetch via COM API
  • Omnesys COM API allows to access Nest dll to start/stop/control strategies.
  • COM API allows comprehensive order management functions- send orders, retrieve status, modify and cancel
  • COM API resides between Nest COM Dll and the different exchange market data and trade routing interfaces. It effeciently implements fault tolerance, normalization, state recovery and load balancing which allowing client applications to focus on trading.

The cost of API depends completely on the broker- from zero to Rs. 10,000 monthly. Brokers may discount the API cost to lure high volume traders.

For general queries on COM API, please post in the comments section. For developer assistance or exchange approval of your custom app, please avail personalized consultancy.