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Algo Trading Consultant India, Coding Expert

AlgoJi ends your search for best algo trading consultant India through its HelpDesk. AlgoJi HelpDesk can be used at two levels- Free and Paid.

You can get free help for any algo trading query by using Comments section on this website. Use the top search bar to find relevant articles and post your query. The queries will be answered by subject experts on the matter. It is a simple and effective way for help which also helps other visitors.

Algo Trading Consultant India

Freelancers are available for personalized consultancy (paid) on any of the following:

  • Strategy Coding/Automation in Amibroker/NinjaTrader/Metastock/Excel/MetaTrader
  • Resolving Automation issues in your broker provided software; software customization and hotkeys setting
  • Algo Trading support for Mobiles, Tablets and Mac
  • Broker selection
  • Exchange approval of Custom Algo Trading App
  • Strategy Consultancy- backtesting, normalization of indicators, trade management parameters
  • Amibroker AFL Coding consultancy is our specialty

AlgoJi will refer you to an appropriate consultant for paid services. The costing depends upon the nature of assignment (minimum Rs. 2000). AlgoJi also provides recruitment services to brokers who are looking for qualified staff.

Engage now with your Algo Trading Consultant India!

Algo Trading Consultant India


  1. Sir I have sent your AFL for modification please provide coder

  2. Dear Mr. Sreedhar, we have sent you link to a freelancer’s profile

  3. hi sir , i want to convert my afl( amibroker formula language) api . like zerodha api so i can trade with api, can u convert amibroker afl to api or quant so i can trade with zerodha kite connect.

  4. hi sir , i want to convert my afl( amibroker formula language) api . like zerodha api so i can trade with api, can u convert amibroker afl to api or quant so i can trade with zerodha kite connect.

  5. It is not possible to integrate AFL with Zerodha Kite. AFL can be integrated with Zerodha Pi Trader.

    We will soon post the integration code for Pi Trader and update you!

  6. I want customized BO ,I wanted to Programme this on KITE API. Do you offer this programming service? or could you refer someone?

  7. Hi, if I want to reject AmiBroker environment altogether and want to build a scanner, chart , strategy and a plug in with Nest Trader as the OMS can you implement? A fully automated strategy is my ultimate goal.

  8. PS:

    The coding may be done in .net or java as you think fit.

  9. Hi Sandip,

    It all comes down to requirements.

    You want a chart + scanner +strategy + OMS. I guess it comes down to that you require an advanced application for managing your strategy.

    An application such as Ninjatrader or Amibroker has decades of work hours involved in its development. So the question becomes important why would you like to reinvent the wheel.

    The strength of NinjaTrader lies in processing bid/ask data. Example use is footprint charts, market profile etc.

    The strength of Amibroker lies in static variables. Example use is placing a trade without waiting for the candle completion, and managing the trade if the signal repaints on the chart.

    If you can specify any requirement which is not possible in these two popular software, we can suggest you another one where your requirement may be satisfied.


  11. Hi Jatinder,

    Currently our freelancers offer only online training mode.

  12. Attachment  Divergence.docx

    Hi Team,

    Your posts are very informative (Keep up the good work), I have one request w.r.t AFL coding.
    Attaching divergence AFL which take into consideration future value, if you can correct it so it can take the right buy and sell price than it will be great help.
    Also if you amend the Target and Stop loss on the basis of ATR (Target 4*ATR(14) and SL 2*ATR(14))
    It will be great help if you can do the amendments accordingly.
    Thank you

  13. Hi Team,
    Your posts are very informative (Keep up the good work), I have one request w.r.t AFL coding.
    Attaching divergence AFL which take into consideration future value, if you can correct it so it can take the right buy and sell price than it will be great help.
    Also if you amend the Target and Stop loss on the basis of ATR (Target 4*ATR(14) and SL 2*ATR(14))
    It will be great help if you can do the amendments accordingly.
    or kindly assist who can solve the query?
    Thank you

  14. Do you have any coding expert for symphony presto .I want to code execution strategy

  15. I want to amibroker afl strategy for mcx trading cruide ,leadm silverm plz sent developer email ID at my email

  16. I require paid help to backtest, find appropriate stops and automate an intraday strategy(I already have the strategy) in amibroker. Kindly let me know a freelancer who could help.

  17. In the recent queries resolved section, it is showing my question is resolved but I have not received any reply. Where do you send the reply?

  18. Hi Karan,

    The attached afl uses zig function. It is a future looking function and there is no remedy for it. We highly recommend not to use the afl for real-time analysis or trading.

    This is an attempt to detect divergence without using the zig/zag function:

  19. Hi Karthikay,

    Backtesting/Optimization/Monte Carlo Similation requires just mouse clicks, so you are suggested to learn it yourself:

    Please post any queries that you have.

  20. Hi Ambalal, sorry about delayed reply. Suggest you to contact Monu:

    Please note we are having a dearth of professional afl coders. It is hard to find coders who will work with responsibility in a virtual workplace.

  21. I have a requirement in Kite to do the following:

    1) Get live RT quotes for subscribed instruments
    2) Get 1 minute intraday data for elapsed duration of a day.
    3) Automate buy/sell/stoploss.

    Pls suggest me any coder

  22. @Kallol, we are facing a dearth of good coders. We will email you personally when a code is available.

  23. Thx for responding, Ok, will wait.

  24. Dear AlgoPro,

    I liked your site very much. Sir, I would request that you provide one complete fully automated algo example for the common man, using Zerodha Pi + Amibroker or Zerodha Kite+Amibroker.
    Zerodha Pi or Zerodha Kite (preferably kite) should feed the data to Amibroker. Amibroker will analyse and generate the buy/sell signals. The generated buy/sell signals will be posted to Zerodha kite.

    (I’m aware that Zerodha Kite can accept login /orders as per example posted in Zerodha Kite trader forum and there is also some example about it)
    Some developers say that the above can be easily coded in Java (some others prefer Python) where you login once into the kite interface and Amibroker will do the rest.

    Maybe this can be posted on github or as a project. These systems have to be perfected rather than remain at ver 1.0 wherein the software hangs, cannot resume from a disconnect, etc.

    I’ve mentioned common man, as I’ve seen that zerodha chaarges little for the basic buy/sell but everything else is charged heavily more.. eg KITE API enabling is charged at Rs 2000 per month, PI bridge was approx Rs 350 per month .. etc etc. These are excessive charges as compared to Mastertrust brokerage who does “everything” automated for you including hosting for less than Rs 1000 per month “All included”

  25. @Raj, sorry about delayed reply.

    A complete example of auto trading is already posted for Nest Plus API. Nest Plus API is much more powerful than Pi Bridge. It is provided by most brokers including Zerodha. So I will suggest you to go with Nest Plus API.

  26. Dear Algopro, thanks for your response.

    Probably the issue of Nest Plus API is that there is an additional cost of Rs 300 – 500 per month. I myself have got some good modified strategies and intend on fine tuning the same for different markets.

    However, I’m trying to get the whole process put together without too much of fixed expenses, so that I could run the algo with 1 lot of Nifty futures (which I guess is good enough for Nifty Options and MCX crude etc)

    I’m thinking the mini project could go like this:
    1. Get quotes either from google finance/NestPlus to Amibroker using free piece of software. (need to understand the available options.. ..) Approx additional Rs 350 per month for enabling this plugin

    2. Run the strategy and place the BUY/SELL orders from Amibroker to NESTPlus
    (could not find an automated method still… i got he link maybe if I could be helped with the exact link it would be great.

    3. Host this on a server online for good connectivity ( approx cost of Rs 1000 per month)

    I ‘ve heard of free “robo traders” but not sure how safe it is to use these. Probably there are some being developed on and
    if someone gets more info maybe can post a reply

    (My idea is to keep it simple and less costly eliminating most of the additional fixed costs without compromising on security)


  27. The Nest Plus API ecosystem is as follows:

    1. Amibroker
    2. Amibroker Live Feed: If you are trading live, a paid datafeed is essential. You cannot use free data from Nest or Pi. Its not reliable.
    3. Nest Plus API: It costs less than Rs. 250 per month if subscribed for 6 months
    4. Full automation of Nest Plus: Omnesys does not allows full automation for retail/individual traders. You can get it done via macros from a developer-but its not easy to find affordable/professional programmer.
    5. Amibroker AFL for managing order placement to Nest Plus
    6. VPS to host the system

    Similar to free datafeed, free robotraders are not at all reliable. This website is helpful right now only for step 1,2,3 and 5. When we are able to help you with full automation using macro, we will contact you asap.

    Thanks for your detailed queries, they are helpful for other visitors as well! Please reply if I did not answer you completely.

  28. Need help testing some variations of the Multiple ATR Supertrend system. Any AFL coders around ?

  29. Attachment

    Dear AlgoPro,

    Request you to please suggest me for auto execution of order from my Excel to Nest Trader.

    My requirement is very simple as and when the current price matches with my algo levles then the order should go to Nest Trader terminal automatically.

    Plz find attached file for your reference.


  30. There is a sample Excel sheet provided by Omnesys for pushing orders in Nest. Contact your broker for support. Do you understand some excel macro coding? If no, you will need support from your broker or another programmer.

  31. @Neville,

    sorry, there is a dearth of professional/reliable coders right now

  32. I purchased kite connect api and tested few pages. it work successfully.

    But i want to develop code in php or vb/ for my predefined strategies for automated buy and sell.

    Can Any programmer do it for me.

  33. @Kartik,

    Sorry, there is a dearth of professional/reliable coders right now.

  34. Hi AlgoJi,

    Is there a way to completely automate my trading process , this includes log-in to broker provided software, authentication notifications, order entry through SUPERTREND indicator, Intraday square off etc…

    Basically my requirement is, once i set-up my automated system, i no need to touch the system for any changes for atleast 20 days. The system should pick SUPERTREND indicator buy/sell signals automatically and place the orders without human intervention.

    If this system kind of possible, let me know what and all i need and rough estimation of total setup cost.


  35. i want afl code for foliowing strategy; an uptrend price makes a new highbut ccloses below prev days downtrend price makes a new low but closes above the prev day close. bu/sell signal;1.bearish reversal bar-sell below the low of reversal bar.2.bullish reversal bar-buy above the high of reversal bar.target1;size of the reversal bar.2.size of the reversal bar *2 stop;abolute high or low of the reversal bar.

  36. @Rajesh,
    Sorry about late reply. We have a dearth of professional afl coders right now

  37. I am intraday trader for nse fno, i want best AFL code for which generate perfect signals for intraday trading. please provide me if available.

  38. Hi,

    I am looking for automation in trade execution on a paid basis. Specifically, we have below requirement on Equities/Cash segment on NSE/BSE

    1) For a stock xyz, trade orders (at a pre-specified limit price) should automatically start getting placed starting from 8:59:00 am till 9:06:00 am on BSE/NSE
    2) Trade orders should get placed every 10-100 ms (smaller the latency, better it is)
    3) We should be able to specify stock xyz and its limit price a day before.

    We are based out of Delhi and would like to connect with you on the same.

  39. @Himanshu, you need:

    1. An API from Omnesys or Symphony. The API could be java/c/c++ etc. The setup you have mentioned is simple and can be deployed by most of the APIs. Check algoji articles for more info on these APIs and with your broker for access to api.
    2. A developer to setup the connection. We are currently short of developers.

    Latency should not be an issue because you do not need to fetch tick data, just place orders. The APIs can place more than 100 orders in a second. However, the broker infrasturcture may limit the number of messges per second, so again having a good broker is crucial.

  40. Attachment

    Dear sir,

    I am analyst. I get the price levels for buy / short for various scrips before market hours. i want to feed the prices of the scrips for entry, stop loss and target. Is there any software in which i can feed the prices before and or after the market starts and execute the trades of entry, target and stop loss, automatically. See the image for the levels i get after analyzing.

    Thank you

  41. Hi AlgoPro,

    Thanks much. This is really helpful. Two more queries:
    1) In your experience, which broker has the best infrastructure from latency point of view.
    2) Do you also provide training on algorithmic trading – I am happy to pay for the training. You can just guide me and in the process of training, I should be able to develop the same.

  42. @H R Shah,

    Your requirement can probably be filled with Bracket Order provided in ShareKhan’s Trade Tiger. It comes free of cost.

    Buy please note that it allows to place only single target. If you want to book profits at multiple targets, then Symphony Presto is the recommended solution for you.

  43. @Himanshu,

    1) All establised brokers have good infrastructure. However they tend to prioritize resources among clients. So you will have to bargain hard and talk to the technical head about API and your required bandwidth (msgs per second).
    2) We do not provide any personalized training. However, we try to make this website as much resourceful as possible. So please keep contributing as and when you have time. Thanks!

  44. @AlgoPro

    I need a supertrend AFL with Factor, ATR, Target & SL as parameters. Kindly help me having this. Can I have any trailing SL & trailing target ?

  45. @Raj
    Hi Raj I am having the same philosophy, and working on the same. can you share your mail id for discussions. mine is amitava.bhxxxxxx.

  46. hello sir, currently i am using zerodha kite mobile apps for trading as in market hours i have not access of desktop and laptop. how can i get amibroker buy sell signal on mobile and is there any chance to connect with zerodha kite so that trade can be to done automatically.

  47. @Manish,

    If you just want to send amibroker buy sell signals on a mobile, it is very easy. We will publish soon an afl for it.

    For automated trading, the Zerodha Kite ecosystem has following components:

    1. Amibroker
    2. Amibroker Live Feed: Live data can be pulled from Kite API reliable.
    3. Kite API: Costs aprox Rs. 2500 per month
    4. AP Registration with Zerodha: It is required for full automated trading
    5. Amibroker AFL for managing order placement to Kite API
    6. VPS to host the system for uninterrupted trading

    So it is not a simple job. I suggest that you simply host Amibroker on a VPS, then send the Buy-Sell alerts to your mobile, or directly to your broker, for uninterrupted trading.

  48. Hi Algo pro,
    Iam looking for the experienced amibroker afl coder who can develop nifty algo strategy by considering the Symphony bridge steup. I have been trading this strategy since long time and results are impressive. As per strategy, I will take the predefined nifty level (predefined nifty levels comes from xcel shet) as a input & compare with the live price to initiate a positional trade. Standard technical indicators will be used to identify correct direction before initiating any trade. SL & Targets are predefined and also will be used indicators whether it is possible. Also, I will add more lots to the existing position if the new level got triggered when the previous trade is still open.
    Best Regards
    Narasa Raju

  49. Hi Algo Pro

    I am looking an Auto Trading application like Symphony. He/She should expertise in Amibroker, Ninja Trader and Excel.

  50. Sir,
    I want to learn amibroker afl coding methods. is it possible sir. My mobile number 9843174240. can u guide me for that.

  51. Hi,

    Want to know more on paid services context with me on 9594000226.

  52. Need a vwap @ close algo to work on zerodha frontend for EQ segment with order input through a csv upload.
    If can provide a solution (paid) pls contact me at

  53. plz plot buy arrow when atp line in brightgreen color and sell arrow in red color.
    plz seniors help me
    code for atp is pasted below

    Barsfromtodaybegin = 1 + BarsSince( Day() != Ref(Day(), -1));

  54. Attachment  RSI-AFL.docx


    When rsi(6) >=90 then sell
    When rsi (6) <=25 then buy
    Time frame 2 min

  55. Hi Algopro,

    I need to scan stocks on EOD basis with following parameters on Amibroker platform. Need your help for AFL.

    1. Stocks whose RSI(21) has crossed 65 level and staying there for last 3 days.

    2. Stocks whose RSI(21) has crossed 35 level and RSI staying there for last 3 days.

    ashish k

  56. Hi Algopro,

    I need to scan stocks on EOD basis with following parameters on Amibroker platform. Need your help for AFL.

    1. Stocks whose RSI(21) has crossed ABOVE 65 level and staying there for last 3 days.

    2. Stocks whose RSI(21) has crossed BELOW 35 level and RSI staying there for last 3 days.

    ashish k

  57. hi,
    i want to scan the counters list, which are below – some time value say 11’o clock. Is it possible to write the AFL that way.


  58. Hi AlgoJi,

    I have my own website developed. now all i need is to add a page to my webpage to place the order on kite anyone with zerodha account should be able to place order directly from my webite.One cick.
    Also there are certain indicators (BB,RSI,MA,Yesterday price,Todays price and volume) and calculations involved in filtering the stock(Futures) and to decide the entry and tgts.

  59. Need multiple user licence based Desktop Version & Android Version for auto robot trading application. We are looking our own branded application which we can distribute to user with licence for their personal automated trading via robot with specified strategies and algo.

  60. Hi there, I want to have API for zerodha kiteconnect. Can you people help me.

  61. Hello,

    Need Help in Custom Backtest to set Recovery as primary factor and UPI as secondary factor under walk farward optimization..

    Please let me know if anyone could help me on this.

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