Amibroker AFL Coding Help

Updated 26/01/2015. Amibroker AFL Coding Help is now provided through Amibroker for Professional Strategy Design and Algo Trading (APSAT)


Why did we stop suppport from freelancers on Amibroker AFL Coding?

Precisely, to give more value for your money.

In our years of experience, getting your AFL coded from a freelancer/expert wastes your money. Because, all strategies need constant refinement and update depending upon the market. An Amibroker AFL Code is not like an ATM machine which will keep working for ever. Howsoever good an AFL may work, it will need modification after a year or so. And then, you will be again dependent on some programmer to code the AFL again for you.

So, the solution is, learning AFL Coding by yourself. AFL is a concise scripting language, to learn AFL coding you do not need a programming background. The APSAT Course makes possible to start learning AFL Coding from scratch and quickly rise to intermediate level. The APSAT Course covers all practical aspects of strategy design, portfolio modeling and automated trading.