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AlgoJi Offer for Symphony Presto Users

Symphony Presto users have the most lucrative Algo solution in India:

  1. APSAT course to build foundation in algo trading – 20% discount
  2. Symphony Presto license for one year
  3. Premium datafaeed for NSEFO/NSECM/MCX for one year
  4. State-of-the-art VPS with 4GB RAM for one year

Free Data Feed is applicable for respective Exchange for which Licenses is subscribed.

If you are an existing Symphony customer, contact Symphony Customer Care for discount coupon.

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Why Chose Symphony as your preferred partner for technology

1. Established in 2011, leader in providing Algorithmic Trading Solutions
2. Most Robust Algorithmic Trading platform (see below for details)
3. Most Feature-rich Amibroker integration solution (see below for details)
4. Most advanced algo trading solution in India (see below for details)


Symphony Presto - best Algo Platform in India

Symphony Presto: Most Robust Algorithmic Trading Platform

  • Run hundreds of algos in multiple client account or personal trading account
  • Transparent APIs to connect with Amibroker/Excel/Matlab/R/NinjaTrader
  • FIX enabled
  • Approved by Multiple Exchanges
  • Bundled advanced order execution strategies
  • Customize Trade entry/exit signals with trade timings, price range, multiple targets and stop loss
  • Live and Paper Trading mode available
  • Custom development of algos available
  • Watch Demo Video:

Presto AmiFuse- Most Feature-rich Amibroker Automation Solution

  • Send from AFL Code: Buy/Sell/Short/Cover
  • Implement without AFL Code: TrailingSL, Target, Target Slicing, Quantity, StopLoss, Order Price Range
  • Send from AFL Code (for customization): TrailingSL, Target, Target Slicing, Quantity, StopLoss, Order Price Range
  • Automatic Net Position Check at Trade-Exit signals
  • Automatic management of open orders: partially filled or not filled
  • Apply pre-built custom execution algos
  • Watch Demo Video:

Symphony Presto: Most Advanced Algo Trading Solution

  • APIs for major applications Amibroker/Excel/Matlab/NinjaTrader/MultiCharts
  • APIs for major environment Python/R/Java/.Net/C++/Php
  • Direct market access for NSE/BSE/MCX
  • Inbuilt RMS enabled for Exchange/SEBI compliance
  • Watch Webinar:

List of Symphony Presto Pre-built Strategies

  1. Presto Jobex Strategy
  2. Presto Smart Jobbing Strategy
  3. Presto Smart Call Executor Strategy
  4. Presto Smart Executor Strategy
  5. Presto Bracket Order Strategy
  6. Presto OTC Strategy
  7. Presto Smart Pivot Strategy
  8. Presto Smart Pair Strategy
  9. Presto Smart Trading Strategy
  10. Presto Smart Swing Strategy

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