Zerodha Algo Trading Services

Zerodha algo trading services include a robust API for development in a wide array of languages, Streak platform and Amibroker bridge.


About Zerodha

Zerodha is India’s Number 1 discount broker, and 3rd largest broker in terms of active clients.

Algorithmic Trading Using Python or .Net with Zerodha

This online video explains how to use the Zerodha API with Python to build sophisticated strategies. Using the Zerodha API the possibilities are almost limitless, and only depend on your own programming implementation. This means you can deploy all types of strategies such as quantitative, technical analysis or machine learning based. The only limitation is that Zerodha API is not built for HFT, so you cannot deploy strategies which are very latency sensitive.

Note: If you need a professional service to deploy strategies in python for you, provide your requirements here. Also you may like to read Understanding Zerodha Kite API

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading

Zerodha algo trading services include Streak whish allows to backtest algos without using any programming knowledge. The video below explains how to build algos using streak without using any programming at all. Note that streak is free for all Zerodha clients upto 31st July.

Zerodha Pi – Amibroker Bridge

Zerodha algo trading services also include an Amibroker bridge. This video explains how to integrate Amibroker with Zerodha platform to generate signals and trade automtically. You can setup Amibroker to send signals to trading platform which can be manually executed. Also note that Amibroker or Excel can also be directly integrated with Kite API for full automated trading.

Special Offers for Zerodha Clients

Courtsey Zerodha, we have a bunch offers: 1) Discount on Kite API 2) Discount on AlgoJi Courses 3) Special educational resources. These offers are available for both exisitng Zerordha clients, as well as new clients. Please fill the form below to get the offers in your inbox. To open an account with Zerodha, click here.
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