Upstox Algo Trading Services

Upstox algo trading services include a robust API, Amibroker bridge and tradelabs platform which bridges signals with its mobile and web platform.


About Upstox

Upstox is a leading discount broker which offers FREE delivery based trading. It offers automated trading through API and semi-auto trading through Amibroker plugin. Also it has a web trading platform – Upstox Pro and Mobile Trading platform which can be used for semi-auto trading. Upstox is backed by industry leaders such as Sir Ratan Tata and Kaalari Capital.

Algorithmic Trading Using Python or Node.Js with Upstox

This online video explains how to use the Upstox API with Node.Js or Python to build sophisticated strategies. Using the Upstox API, you can use full power of Python, Node.Js or Amibroker. This means you can deploy all types of strategies such as quantitative, technical analysis or machine learning based. The only limitation is that Upstox API is not built for HFT, so you cannot deploy strategies which are very latency sensitive.

Note: If you need a professional service to deploy strategies in python for you, provide your requirements here

Upstox Amibroker Datafeed

The video below explains how to fetch real-time data to Amibroker from Upstox Amibroker bridge. The cost for data can be from Rs. 990 onwards depending on market segment and number of symbols.

Amibroker Upstox Algo Trading

This video explains how to integrate Amibroker with Upstox platform to send signals to it web platform as well as mobile app. You can setup Amibroker to send signals to its trading platforms which can be manually executed. Also note that Amibroker or Excel can also be directly integrated with Upstox API for full automated trading.

FoxTrader Platform

The FoxTrader enables you to do algoritmic trading without using any programming at all.

Special Offers

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