Shortcut Keys for Trading

Given below is a optimal scheme for shortcut keys, which allows shortcut for almost every action a dealer may take in a hurry. Unfortunately, the common TWS in India such as Nest, ODIN and NOW do not allow such advanced mapping of keys.

However, one can still records macro to set hotkeys or shortcut keys for lightning fast trading experience.

Shift+a= 1 tick better bid
Shift+s= 2 tick better bid
Shift+d= 5 tick better bid
similarly Shift+l/k/j= 1/2/5 tick better ask
Shift+o=market buy
Shift+w=market sell
Shift+i= cover full short position on market
Shift+e= sell full long position on market
Shift+p= brings up sell window at offer
Shift+q= brings up buy window at bid
`=cancel all pending orders
[delete]= cancel last order
[tab]= toggle thru markets maker windows
Shift+Q = cancel all bids
Shift+W = cancel all offers
Shift+E = cancel last bid
Shift+R = cancel last offer
Shift A = Market Sell
Shift S= Sell Limit (brings up box, at bid)
Shift D= Sell Limit (10 ticks through market)
Shift F = Buy Limit (10 ticks through market)
Shift + V = Market Buy
Shift + B = Buy Limit (brings up box, at offer)
Shift+up arrow = cycle through ecns
Shift + down arrow = cycle through ecns
Up arrow = increase price by 10 ticks on limit order
Down arrow = decrease price by 10 ticks on limit order
Right arrow = increase price by a tick on limit order
Left Arrow = decrease price by a tick on limit order
numpad 1-9 = 100, 900 shares, 0 = 1000 shares, alt+ctrl+1-9 = 1000 through 9000 shares, alt+ctrl+0 = 10000, alt+ctrl+ non numpad 1-9 = 10000-90000 shares.