(Swing) Range Trading Strategy

Symphony provides SmartSwing Strategy which is very efficient range trading in a time interval. This strategy inputs the time interval and takes trade when market breaks above/below the range. It also provided additional features for trade management like trailing stop loss and range limits.

Strategy Parameters

CutOffTime: the time after which any trade entry is not taken.

EndTime: the time at which strategy stops

CandleSize: the time interval in which a trading range will be formed (visually by making a candle)

TimeOut: the time at which strategy places square-off order for open positions

EntryRange: the price limit beyond which no trade entry will be taken

ExitRange: the price limit beyond which no trade exit will be taken

SLTrailCoeff: The coefficient by which the trailing stop loss will be trailed

SLCoeff: The initial stop loss of the strategy

Range Trading Logic

  1. Strategy calculates price range based on time interval and places buy/sell entry order beyond the upper/lower range
  2. The strategy places initial stop loss and trailing stop loss as per information provided by user
  3. When current position is exited wither by reaching initial stop loss or trailing stop loss, the strategy reverses the position by executing double of original position quantity
  4. The strategy provides option for both manual square-off and time based square-off