Nifty Automated Trading System

Nifty can be traded automatically by retail trader either by using level based strategy or by using charting strategy.  A complete Nifty automated trading system consists of a alpha generation logic as well a software for automating the strategy.


Nifty Automated Trading System for Level Based Strategy

Nifty intraday or positional buy/sell level strategy can be easily automated using Symphony’s Smart Pivot Strategy. Using this strategy, you can input the support and resistance levels such S1, S2, R1 and R2.  It allows taking Long trades at S1 level and Short trades at R1 level. The best part is these pivot levels can be input simply from a notepad file (txt/csv). For full details on strategy logic, please refer: Pivot Trading Strategy

Nifty Automated Trading System for Chart Based Strategy

If you have a strategy for nifty in Amibroker, Metastock, Falcon, or NinjaTrader; it can be automated, even if you are a retail trader. Please find below the related links for automated trading:

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Download Sample Amibroker AFL for Nifty Trading System

When searching for a Nifty trading AFL on internet, the primary problem is that ALF is not properly coded. Either the AFL does not plots signals properly or the Short/Cover variables are not defined. By using a Moving Average Crossover system, we provide below an AFL which can be used for testing purposes.

ema afl

  • Customize the moving average parameters in this complete strategy AFL.
  • Plot both the moving averages with buy/sell signals on candlestick chart
  • Set Trailing Stop-loss and Profit Target
  • Display the current profit/loss, last signal details, SL and Tgt on the chart itself
  • Run exploration Amibroker to find buy/sell signal ina large number of scrips

Click here to download the sample nifty trading AFL.