If you are developing a custom windows application for further distribution to your clients, the .NET API can be very useful. The .NET Framework includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages.

.NET API is available by both the leading vendors- Symphony and Omnesys. External Entities which generates triggers for placing orders can send relevant details to Presto Fuse .NET and subsequently orders will be sent to the respective exchange.


  • Symphony’s .NET API can receive market data feed via web socket. All data arrays such as LTP, bid, ask, open, close etc. can be fetch.
  • Omnesys .NET API resides between Nest DOT NET Dll and the different exchange market data and trade routing interfaces. It effeciently implements fault tolerance, normalization, state recovery and load balancing which allowing client applications to focus on trading.
  • Symphony .NET API allows the access and control of Presto Strategy Manager/Agent
  • Symphony .NET API allows comprehensive order management functions- send orders, retrieve status, modify and cancel via web service
  • The Symphony .NETAPI uses web-service calls to send the data from the client to the Presto Server. It requires necessary protocol stacks on the client system where this API will be deployed e.g. TCP/IP stack (in absence of a working and wired Ethernet adapter one should install Loop back TCP/IP adapters).

The cost of API depends completely on the broker- from zero to Rs. 10,000 monthly. Brokers may discount the API cost to lure high volume traders.

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