MetaTrader Algo Trading MT4-MT5

It is now very easy to trade automatically from MT4 or MT5 in Indian markets! You can easily integrate your EA with APIBridge for algo trading with 14+ brokers. As an example for MT4, we have attached Moving Average strategy with SL. TGT and other useful parameters.

Strategy Parameters

  1. Ordertype- Market or limit can be selected
  2. Fastmoving average- Input value for fast moving average
  3. Slow moving average – Input value for fast moving average
  4. Start time- when you want to start trading
  5. Finish Time – when you want to stop trading
  6. Target- In points eg – price is 100 rs you put target of 5 rs when price 105 target will execute
  7. Stoploss- In points eg – price is 100 rs you put target of 5 rs when price 95 stoploss will execute.
  8. Max trades- Number of trades you want to take in particular stock per day
  9. Strategy tag- to name your strategy different
  10. Quantity- send fixed quantity.
  11. Exposure- send quantity according to your margin eg you give exposure value = 10000 , and stock price is 1000 then qty will be 10.

How to Use

  1. Download files from:
  2. Open MT4 click on file=> open data folder=>click on MQL4 folder
  3. Put ” Expert_Signal.mqh” and “AlgoTrading.mqh” file in Include folder of MT4 Data Folder
  4. Copy Paste this [ #include ] in Expert Advisor just after initialization of data variables in Expert Advisor file.
  5. Copy paste ” Moving Average Crossover.mq4.ex4” file in expert folder of MT4

After this file placement…
1. Goto MT4
2. Open navigator click on refresh
3. And Run “Moving Average Crossover.mq4.ex4” on the chart and Enjoy Automatic Trading.
4 Goto tools=> click on options=> expert advisor=>allow all of these options