Known Issues and Bugs

Updated: 5th Feb 2020, 1:04PM IST


  1. A lot of columns in TradeHistory are marked as beta. The beta columns are under development. Hence, they may show wrong values sometimes.
  2. If you logout from API, and try to login back again, it may not allow login to some brokers- FYERS, ZERODHA. To resolve this, go to APIbridge folder, Data folder, and delete cache file. Then restart bridge and Login To API again.
  3. For SquareOff by time, MaxProfit or MaxLoss, apibridge does squareoff by sending LE/SE type (to bypass signal rule settings). Not by sending LX/SX type. This shows wrong entry in NetPositions window sometimes.
  4. Some VPS may block APIBridge and it cannot be resolved by disabling Windows Defender. There is no issue on AmazonAWS /Impulse Cloud/TD Algo. Users are requested to chose VPS with care.
  5. Weekly option orders are not working for XTS; it will be resolved in next 2 working days
  6. Under View Full Logs -> API Logs, FindPrev and FindNext buttons do not work on some computers
  7. Zerodha and Upstox integrations are currently not provided
  8. Fyers API: do not use mobile app when trading via apibridge. Use only Fyers web for managing your trades sent via apibridge.

TradingView Integration

APIBridge should be up and running, before you click TradingView extension to start it. Solution: reload/refresh the tradingview chart and start the extension again.

Signal Provider:
If you run SignalProvider, it connects automatically with Amibroker/TradingView etc. Now when you click start, it will send all Signals BEFORE clicking the start button also. Users are advised to click Start Signal Provider only when you are ready to send trades.