Excel Automated Trading for NSE/MCX

Note: This article is outdated because Nest Plus API is discontinued by most brokers

It is possible to send completely automated orders from Excel for NSE (all segments) as well as MCX. You can write Buy/Sell signal generation logic in Excel and send automated orders to the broker. Both leading vendors in India- Symphony and Omnesys provide tools for algorithmic trading via Excel. Any broker who has partnered with Symphony or Omnesys can provide you the appropriate tools for such system.

Excel Automated Trading Using Nest Plus API

The Nest Plus API is an expensive tool for automation. It costs hardly Rs. 300 per month for single client account and Rs. 1000 p.m. for sub-brokers. The API integrates with Excel through VBA Macros as shown below. The API allows placing orders, modifying orders, cancelling orders and fetching order status.

Excel Macro Coding

Once your excel sheet connects with Nest Plus, you can link custom strategies or create Buy/Sell buttons as shown below.


Please note that Nest also allows a feature ExcelRTD which can provide live data to your excel sheet for running strategies.

Excel Automated Trading Using Presto FuseXL

The FuseXL provided by Symphony Presto is an advanced API which allows various order functions as well as RTD functions for fetching data. This system is recommended for professional traders. The annual cost of Symphony Presto may go above Rs. 40,000 inclusive VPS costs and taxes.

Presto FuseXL

The following functions are available: Send_Order(),Replace_Order(),Cancel_Order(),Square_off().Multiple Orders can be cancelled by calling sub cancel_matching_orders_Function() and multiple orders can be replaced by calling sub replace_matching_orders_Function().Execution Report is received in cells by calling function getfrmQueue().

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