APSAT Enquiry (India)

Course Details:

  1. Amibroker For Professional Strategy Design and Algo Trading – Foundation Course (APSAT)
  2. Free Paper Trading Setup (with limit orders, market orders and execution strategies)
  3. Amibroker Setup Help; Optional Real-time data subscription for 6 months (either NSE+FO or MCX)
  4. Over 100 AFL code templates and assignment solutions
  5. Two-month query resolution support; Intensive group based learning
  6. Life-time access to professional forum of algo traders
  7. Certificate for successfully completing APSAT

Fees: Rs. 20,000 (excluding Tax)

Discount Method

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Registrations are currently closed as 3rd Batch is in progres. Fill the form below for getting in touch with Trainer, and keep you updated for Batch-04 enrollment.
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Why Chose Amibroker?

  1. It has world’s fastest portfolio backtesting and optimization engine.
  2. AFL, the scripting language of Amibroker, is an Array Based Language. This makes AFL concise and very efficient.
  3. You can get a large number of AFLs and excellent learning resources free over internet.
  4. It has inbuilt batch processor. You can schedule Amibroker to start automatically, do the analysis, and send email alerts while you are at work.
  5. It has an open ecosystem for developers. Amibroker is easy to integrate with Broker APIs and build Data Plugins.
  6. It is really inexpensive. The free trial of Amibroker is sufficient to learn everything in this course.