AliceBlue API Algo Review

AliceBlue is very fast growing broker from Bangalore known for providing high leverage to clients. We provide you a summary to help you decide trading with AliceBlue.


AliceBlue Overall Highlights

  • Discount broker providing one of the highest leverage
  • At AliceBlue TradeStore you can get lot of trading apps. AliceBlue probably has highest number of apps after Zerodha compared to any other broker.
  • Lowest margin requirement for trading via BO. It even provides buying options using CO.
  • A lot of people used to doubt sustainability of AliceBlue’s high leverage; however they proved themselves sustainable during market mayhem in March 2020.
  • You get APIBridge from AliceBlue under customized name ChartBridge. You even get dedicated telephone support for ChartBridge.

AliceBlue API Algo Trading Highlights

API Sessions are not bound to web, desktop or mobile app. Which means you can see/manage trades in other apps which are placed using Ant API. Each client can use the API keys provided by Algoji. You just need need an account to instantly start algo trading with AliceBlue.

AliceBlue API Features

API TypeOutsourced
Auto Order CancellationYES
Trail SL in BOYES
MCX FuturesYES
NSE CurrencyYES
NSE Weekly OptionsYES

AliceBlue API Rating

Very High = Ranks among top 10% comparative to other Brokers; High = Ranks in top one-third among other Brokers; Average = Ranks in mid-way among other brokers; Poor = Ranks in bottom one-third among other brokers.

Session StabilityVery High
Order Placement StabilityAverage
Order Status StabilityAverage
BO StabilityHigh
CO StabilityHigh
MTM/PnL StabilityAverage
Order Cancellation StabilityAverage
Get Net PositionsHigh
API Response SpeedHigh

Account Opening: Click here to open account. Note that Algoji does not take any brokerage commissions from AliceBlue. See here more on Algoji principles.

AliceBlue’s APIBridge link

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