A to Z of Algorithmic Trading


Insights From a Algo Desk Manager

Clip from Mumbai Algo Traders Conference 2018

Kickstart Guide to Algorithmic Trading

By Saurabh Lohiya, Co-founder AlgoJi

Date and Time: 31st May, 8:30 pm

  • What to Learn, and What to Unlearn
  • Pathways to Setup Trading as a Business
  • Tools and Platforms
  • Randomness to Systems

Using Machine Learning for Trading Profitably

By Hrishabh Sanghvi, Hedge Fund Trader

Date and Time: 14th June, 8:30 pm

  • Pre requisites to apply Machine Learning
  • Understanding Machine Learning techniques
  • 4 Use cases for Machine Learning application

 Real and Profitable Algorithmic Trading

by Vishal Mehta CMT, Client Specialist Manager, Thomson Reuters

Date & Time: 9th June, 8:30pm

  • Logic of a Mean Reversion strategy in simple English
  • Strategy Backtest with 66% win rate
  • Using Backtest to refine strategy for 72% win rate
  • Using Backtest to refine strategy for 0.82% drawdown
  • Planning Your Trading Business

Algorithmic Trading Using Zerodha Kite API

By Satyajit Sarangi, Zerodha
Date & Time : 13th June 8:30 pm
  • Architecture for Algorithmic Trading with Kite API
  • Fetching RT and Historical Data with Kite API
  • Order Placement with Kite API
  • Practical Code Samples

Algorithmic Trading Using Node.js/Python in Upstox API

By Suraj CK, SSE, Upstox

Date and Time: 4th June, 8:30 pm

  • About Upstox API Architecture
  • Walk through on functionalities of Login, feeds, trades and historical data
  • Order execution with the help of simple REST API calls
  • Deployment Tips for different strategy execution through python/Node.JS libraries