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Mumbai Algo Traders Conference


  • See tabs below about breakout sessions on Algo Trading for non-programmers, Algo Trading via Amibroker and Algos using Python & Data Science. You Can Attend Any One The Three Breakout Sessions.
  • Online course with life-time access will be given as per your choice of breakout session (see details below). Python course is available free for everyone.
  • Networking Lunch is included with all ticket types. For Power Lunch see tab below for details.
  • Participants get booklet with printed slides from all speakers. You may carry a laptop for hands-on practice during breakout sessions.
  • Register immediately for course access. This will enable you to ask more detailed questions in the breakout session.

For Enquiries, whatsapp on 8076833610

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Date & Time: 05 May | 10am-6pm

10:30 am  Lightning Talks

Hear from multiple professional traders attending the conference

11:30 am Coding Cases

Mr. Saurabh Lohiya will share some practical and production level codes for Amibroker & Python

12:00 pm Trading Algos Which Work(multiple speakers)

Hear about profitable trading algos from key speakers:
Neeraj Khurana, CEO, Trade Logic Systems
Snehal Sonie, Algo Product Head, Edelweiss
Vishvesh Chauhan, Quant Research Head, Monarch Capital
Chintan Thakkar, Former Associate Director, Edelweiss

2:00 pm Networking Lunch / Power Lunch

3:00 pm Breakout Sessions

Attend any one of the following:

1. Algo Trading for Non-programmers by Mr. Rakesh Pujara, Compounding Wealth Advisors. Mr. Pujara will share his trading strategies, and you will get hands-on practice how to implement algos using FoxTrader (without using any programming at all!). This session is supported by 15-day live version of FoxTrader.

2. Algo Trading via Amibroker by Mr. Saurabh Lohiya, Founder AlgoJi. Mr. Lohiya will share a trading strategy and provide you hands-on practice to implement algos via Amibroker. This session is supported by free online Amibroker course.

3. Algos using Python & Data Science by Dr. Hari, PhD IISc Bangalore. Dr. Hari will share insights into building the overall system for algo development, with hands-on practice using python codes. This session is supported with free online Python course.

6:00 pm High Tea

Venue: Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025

Algos Using Python & Data Science

Session – Algos Using Python & Data Science will be given by Dr. Hari. He has done Ph.D in Applied and Computational Mathematics from IISc Bangalore. He is a Quantitative Researcher and Data Scientist who has Worked as trader, researchers, data scientist, developer on different projects. In this session, Dr. Hari will share insights with a practical example.

Beginners to Intermediate short online video course is also available with this session. The contents of the online course are:

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Algo Trading
1.2 Setting Up Python for Algo Trading

2 Coding Common Studies
2.1 Coding for MA Crossovers
2.2 Coding for MACD
2.3 Coding for Bollinger Bands, RSI, Z-score
2.4 Coding for Stationarity Tests
2.5 Interactive Candlestick Charts in Python

3 Downloading and Preparing Data
3.1 Downloading Data
3.2 Preparing Data

4 Coding Buy-Sell Rules
4.1 Coding Buy-Sell rules for MA Crossovers
4.2 Coding Buy-Sell rules for MACD
4.3 Coding Buy-Sell rules for Bollinger Bands, RSI, Z-score

5 Backtesting Strategies
5.1 Intro to Backtesting
5.2 Backtesting – Another Example
5.3 Backtesting Long-Short rules for MACD, BBands, RSI, Z-score
5.4 Backtesting Pair Trading Strategy

6 Optimizing Strategies
6.1 Optimizing Using Parallel Computing

Algo Trading via Amibroker

– Get access to 3-hour breakout session on Algo Trading via Amibroker on 5th May by Mr. Saurabh Lohiya. It is recommended to bring your laptop!

Get online course with life-time access as given in curriculum below. Note that this is a pre-recorded course with online query support.


Course Overview
1.1 Automated Trading vs Algorithmic Trading
1.2 Why Amibroker is Exceptionally Useful for Professionals
Setting Up Amibroker
2.1 Installing Amibroker
2.2 Setting Up Historical Database
2.3 Setting Up Live Database
2.4 Watchlists, Symbol Information,  , Quote Editor, Realtime Quote, Time & Sales
2.5 Charting Guide
2.6 Chart sheets, Templates and Layouts
2.7 Database Settings for FOREX, Equities, Commodities
2.8 Database Structure
2.9 Database Tricks
AFL Coding Primer
3.1 Programming for non-programmers
3.2 Coding Your Own Indicators
3.3 Coding Your Own Explorations
3.4 Coding Your Own Strategy
3.5 Scanning for Signals
3.6 Optimizing Your Strategy
Quantitative Investing
4.1 Ranking Stocks & Rotational Backtesting
4.2 Economic Indicators
4.3 Your Custom Index and Composite Indicators
Coding a Real Strategy
5.1 Beyond the Help Manual
5.2 Beyond the Trading Books
5.3 Beyond the Internet Articles
Algorithmic Trading with Amibroker
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Algorithmic Trading with Interactive Brokers TWS

Algo Trading for Non-Programmers

Session – Algo Trading for Non-Programmers will be given by Mr. Rakesh Pujara. Earlier, he setup and led the Algo desk at Naman Securities, to make it into probably the most-profitable systematic trading based prop desks in India.

15 day subscription of FoxTrader will be given with this session ticket. Software download details will be emailed within one working day of purchasing the ticket. Free trial will be activated on 1st May.

Power Lunch

– Dine separately with the best algo traders from Mumbai!

– Exclusive opportunity to network and share business insights

– Power Lunch ticket holders may attend any of the breakout session. Also they get Amibroker Course, Python Course & 15-day Subscription of FoxTrader.


How do I access the Python/Amibroker course?

We will email you the course access links, with the pdf ticket, within one working day after registration

Is there any group discount?

20% discount is available for a group of 10 people or more. For group payment, contact us.

Are the tickets transferable?

Tickets are not transferable and non-refundable, other than in exceptional circumstance

Which breakout session do I attend with Student Ticket?

“Algos Using Python & Data Science”; also, online video course Python Algo Trading” is available with all tickets.

Register Immediately for Course Access

Mumbai Conference: Lightning Talks, Breakout Sessions, Algos for Non Programmers & Algos Using Data Science, and lot more…