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Chennai Algo Traders Mega Meetup


Do you know?

  • 90% of short-term traders lose money in stock market!
  • 70% of mutual funds underperfrom stock market!
  • Algo Trading or Quantitative Investing is complete scientific process of actively managing money in stock market

Attend this workshop-cum-meetup-cum-conference,

  • South India’s first and largest Algo Meetup
  • Niche knowledge delivered by experts which cannot be found easily
  • Network & Personally interact with professional traders
  • Participants get booklet with printed slides from all speakers
  • Get pampered with exlusive deals from education providers, software vendors and stock brokers

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Date & Time: 28 Oct | 10AM-6PM

10:00 AM Introduction

10:15 AM Session-1: Demystifying Algo Trading by Kirubakaran Rajendran, Founder Squareoff

Takeaways: (1) Quantifying Rules (2) Evaluate Trading Systems, and (3) Overcome Hurdles in Live Algo Trading

11:45 AM Tea Break

12:00 AM Session-2: Machine Learning for Trading – Simplified by Bharath Rao, Co-founder Alphamatters Advisors Pvt Ltd
(1) Understanding ML from basic level, and it’s application to trading, (2) Common ML techniques, and (3) Gain practical insights on ML implementation

1:30 PM Networking Lunch

03:00 PM Session-3: Decoding Style and Factor Investing by Vivek Jain, Portfolio Construction Specialist, Franklin Templeton

Takeaways:- 1) Understand Style and factor investing,
2) How style rotation work within sector and markets,
3) Combination of quantitative and technical factors for stock picking,
4) Glance of thematic and corporate governance to avoid pitfalls

04:30 PM Panel Discussion: Tools & Techniques in Algo Trading

Speakers: Kirubakaran Ranjendran, Praveen Gupta, Bharath Rao; Satish K. Dutt, Director, CompositeEdge; Jayesh Kotak, SVP, Microscan; Vivek Kumar (Phd. IISc Bangalore)

5:30PM Networking & High Tea

Venue: Mahalakshmi Hall, 192 Purasawalkam High Rd, Kilpauk, Lumbini Square, Purasawalkam, Chennai- 600010

Organizers: AlgoJi, Droite | Partner: Symphony Fintech | Sponsor: CompositeEdge