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Algo Bootcamp


APSAT Course goes offilne! This is your opportunity to attend two day bootcamp, bundled with fast-track APSAT course.

  • Attend two day bootcamp to jumpstart towards profitable algorithmic trading
  • Get Life-time access to famed APSAT course material for advanced learning
  • Get one month trainer support as you start your own journey in algorithmic trading

APSAT Highlights

  • Program, backtest, and deploy advanced multi-leg strategies on hedging, option chains, pairs etc.
  • Program, backtest, and deploy advanced scale-in, scale-out and grid trading strategies
  • Seamlessly integrate Amibroker and Python for exhaustive machine learning
  • Build custom execution strategies by programming order management rules
  • Combine different premise like trend, momentum, mean-reversion into a single powerful strategy
  • Combine uncorrelated strategies into a robust portfolio

Contact Phone: 080- 26583848
Mobile: 8073253848

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What benefits do I get by registering early?

By registering early, you will get immediate access to the QIAT course. This is an intermediate level online Amibroker course, which will prepare you to elicit the maximum out of bootcamp. Also, you will recieve immediate support for Amibroker installation and live data subscription.

Are you teaching Python in this bootcamp?

No, this bootcamp primarily focuses on Amibroker.

Which market segment can I trade in full automatic setup?

You can trade both NSE and MCX with a full automated trading system. However, such facilities are not provided by all brokers. This subject will be further discussed during the bootcamp.

Will you cover the entire syllabus of APSAT in two days?

We will cover as much as possible depending upon the interest of participants. The remaining part can be covered during online classes.

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