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Auto Trading with Amibroker or Python or Excel

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6,000.00 / 6 months

How It Works:

  1. Get personal onboarding help for automating your strategy (free)
  2. Selected software will be delivered to you between 15th-25th September
  3. 15-day money back guarantee covered by AlgoJi (No Questions Asked!). Within 15 days after software setup, you can go for a refund
  4. Get personal server setup help (free, if required)

Prelaunch Referral Bonus: After making a purchase, invite your friend to try this software. Both of you will get additional one month sucription!

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What’s personal onboarding help?

After making a purchase, we will call you to help you with automating your strategy with Amibroker, Excel, Python or even other platforms. This includes guiding you for order execution requirements, helping with sample codes and helping you select Dhandooth Algo or AlgoDesk. This does not includes coding/modifying your strategy.

Why don’t you deliver software to me immediately after purchase?

You will get software one-two week after purchase. During this period, we will help you in onboarding as well as server setup (if required). Also, even if you make a purchase note of Dhandooth, you can switch to AlgoDesk (and vice-versa) during this period.

How does the 15-day money back guarantee work?

After delivery of the software, you will have 15 days to try it risk free. If you are not satisfied by any reason, you can get full refund with no questions asked.

What is personal server setup help?

In case you want to install your trading software on a VPS, we will help you with setup. VPS costs between Rs. 750-5000 per month based on strategy requirements. Note that this setup is optional; you can comfortably trade from your personal computer as well.

What is Prelaunch Referral Bonus?

After making a purchase, invite your friend to try this software, using a personal coupon code. Both of you will get additional one month sucription! This way if 6 friends join from your reference, you will get a six-month additional subscription free.

What is Auto Trader, Robo Trader, Algo Trader etc?

Auto Trader or Robo Trader or Algo Trader are terms typically used for a software which automates the order submission part of trading system. This is like having a dealer who constantly watches your chart or signal generation. Instead of yourself glued to the screen whole time, the software will place trades on your behalf.

Can I have a Free Trial?

Since we allow you to use software risk-free for 15 days with money back guarantee, a separate free trial is not available.

Can you provide me demonstration with complete features?

A demonstration is already covered in this video. If you need personal demonstration, please call us to schedule remote assistance.


Currently Available Features:

  • Algo trade through Amibroker, Python, VBA Excel
  • Multiple Markets (Cash, Futures & Options, Commodity)
  • Multiple Order Types (Limit, Stop Limit, Market, Stop Market, Cover & Bracket Orders)
  • Target and Stop Loss in terms of points or percentage (%)
  • Scale-In & Scale-Out
  • Trading Time Management
  • Button Trading on Amibroker
  • Trade Management – Automatically Matches Entry & Exit Signals
  • Stop & Reverse
  • Separate order types for Entry and Exit
  • Ability to programmatically manage Trigger price and all order params
  • Separate order types: LE/LX/SE/SX, inbuilt conditional logic
  • Cash-to-Future
  • Future-to-put/call
  • Pair Trading
  • Scale-in and Scale-out
  • Auto-reconnect to internet (VPS not required)
  • Max order limit per minute
  • Handling situation when broker server is unresponsive
  • Handling situation when broker server is slow

Coming Soon Features:

  • One-click square off all positions
  • Daily MTM Target
  • Daily MTM Loss
  • SMS Alerts
  • Paper Trading with simulation at bid-ask level
  • Custom Target and Stop Loss

2 reviews for Auto Trading with Amibroker or Python or Excel

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Navneet P

    I made a purchase today and recieved onboarding help. AlgoJi team listened patiently about my strategy. Then they suggested which order types will work and which will not work. They also told me limitations of both Dhandooth and AlgoDesk.

    I have contacted earlier Symphony, MasterTrust, Sharekhan, RoboTrader etc… this is the first time some REALLY give me support. Hats off to your team!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rajkumar Mishra

    Cheapest auto trader

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