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Options Training Objective

Simplify Options theory by understanding all the concepts and how each of these concepts is applied to actual trading; thus laying foundation for Options trading. Also cover a practical non-direction hedging strategy to trade Nifty in live market.

This training will conducted via Fox/Falcon platform and full-automated trading does not require any programming knowledge.

What's included with OLMT

  • Live interactions, including live market training
  • The recorded course sessions
  • Handbook on Options trading
  • Handholding for 2 months with query resolution support
  • Life-time access to professional forum of algo traders
  • Discount on TA software
What's not included

What’s not included with Course

  • No investment advice. This course is for education purpose with objective to impart knowledge and skill
  • No guarantee of getting-rich-quickly
Training Schedule

Session 1: Saturday, 19th August

Session 2: Sunday, 20th August

Session 3: Saturday, 26th August

Session 4: Monday, 28th August (Live market)

Each session will be of 2 hours duration as 10 AM to 12 PM on above days. The training will be conducted through GoToTraining software in English. After each live session, you will get lecture recording and query resolution support.

Fees & Enrollment

Fee: Rs. 50,000 +GST

Provide details to arrange for call back, discounts and eligibility:

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Trainer Profile

Ajay Shukla, based at Mumbai

  • Chartered Accountant retired from a multi-national Company and now practicing as CA
  • Rank holder at final CA and gold medallist at graduation
  • Researcher, trader and trainer. Options strategist trader. Conducting training programs as faculty with leading companies
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on OLMT

Q: For whom this course is useful

  • The course is useful for anyone who wants to learn Options basic theory. Learning and understanding concepts from a mentor is much easier than self-learning by reading theory & definitions from books
  • Traders who get confused with Options buying and Options selling
  • Who wants to understand various strategies to trade Options and aspiring to be a professional trader

Q: What are the pre-requisites for Options basic course?

None. Just basic familiarity with stock market and Futures trading

Q: I know Options but do not make profits

It’s imperative to gain total knowledge of Options. There are various aspects that affect Options pricing. Half knowledge is dangerous; so build your base strong. Options is complex but not complicated

Q: What kind of profits and rate of return I can expect after doing the course?

There is no guaranteed profit or a fixed rate of return in stock market. You can certainly improve the probability of making money by devising Options strategies that suit your risk appetite

Q: How much capital do I need to trade Options?

It depends on selection of strategy. Options buying require less capital as compared to Options selling. When you buy Options, you pay only premium as quoted in market and when you sell Options, you need to pay margin money to the stock exchange (your investment increases)

Q: Is Options writing (selling) safe?

Options writing carry high risk. The profile of Options writer is limited profit and unlimited (or big) loss. It’s always advisable to follow a stop loss as good discipline. The historical data reveals that the majority of Options expire worthless, thereby enabling Options sellers to benefit. You need to develop your expertise in Options writing

Q: What will I learn from the course?

The concepts and theory, strategies formulation & analysis, practical application to actual trades and confidence to handle Option strategies. The other important allied areas are risk management, money management and discipline rules

Q: What if I miss one or two sessions?

You will be provided with recording of each session. Further you will have access to professional forums   

Q: Will this basic course make me a professional Options trader?

This course will provide a strong foundation and prepare you to understand the rationale behind any Options strategy. It is advisable for you to do Options advanced course which would cover rule based Options hedging strategies

Q: What is the MANTRA for making money in stock market?

There is no short cut to making money. Stock market trading is risky. Like any other business or profession, you need to have knowledge, skills, tools, money and most important requirement is discipline to trade in the stock market. Education and discipline are pre-requisites. Options provide the much better opportunity to profit as compared to any other instrument