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Course Objective

The Certified Diploma in Global Financial Markets is a 180+ hours comprehensive course giving our participants a hands-on experience in executing advanced future based trading strategies on multiple asset classes on global financial markets using a professional trading software using both fundamental as well as technical analysis. The participants will undergo a rigorous training on real-time market prices under a close supervision of trainer to learn advanced concepts of risk management, money management, behavioral finance and trading psychology.

What's included?
  • Academic teaching combined with extensive practical learning  on world’s biggest exchanges
  • State of the art-infrastructure and cutting edge trading platforms
  • Real-time market prices on global exchanges like CME, ICE & Eurex
  • Trainers include industry veterans with vast experience at trading firms and financial markets
  • 180+ hours of training

Our unique training methodology combines classroom topics with live market sessions. The class sessions are scheduled around the unique timetable of each asset class so you can combine planning and analysis with real-time action when each market is at its peak. In addition to the academic content, this is a practical course in which students have access to real-time financial market information, macroeconomic news releases and real-time trading systems in order to execute trades and practice the application of trading strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the trading mechanics of different asset classes on leading global exchanges
  • Understand how asset prices are affected by key global macro events and human behavior
  • Evaluate financial securities to determine if a financial asset is under-valued or over-valued 
  • Apply technical indicators, studies and techniques to information from price charts 
  • Develop and apply a structured and consistent trading strategy

Apply learnt knowledge to real-time financial markets trading

Fees & Enrollment

Fee: Rs. 50,000 +GST

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Career Progression

All the successful and qualifying candidates will receive an opportunity to apply for internship or employment opportunities with our corporate partners.

Some of the potential career paths on completion of the program includes Sales Trader, Portfolio Manager, Trader Support, Risk Analyst, Quant Trader, Research / Technical Analyst at leading financial institutions, brokerage houses, asset management companies, banks, hedge funds etc.

Course outline
  • Introduction to Financial markets, exchanges & asset-classes
  • Fixed Income, Money market, FX and Derivatives
  • Understanding contract specifications
  • Role of central banks and key economic indicators
  • Introduction to Trading platform
  • Introduction to STIR and bond futures
  • Trading strategies on STIR and bond futures
  • Charts & Technical analysis
  • Position sizing / Risk management of trading strategies
  • Introduction to Excel, Excel RTD, trading strategies position management
  • Introduction to exchange rules & regulations
  • Trading competition
  • Accessing the market & Industry landscape

Chintan Thakkar

He is the founder and director of Trading Institute in Mumbai. He started his career as derivatives trader in 2008 with Chicago based Transmarket Group in Mumbai where he was responsible for market making and semi-high frequency trading on European and American fixed income markets. Over the course of next two years, he was managing portfolio on several asset-classes including fixed income, short-term interest rates, agricultural and soft-commodities, and energy markets.

He was Head of India at OSTC, a leading proprietary trading firm with headquarters in London and Associate Director of Trading Operations at Edelweiss Financial Service’s proprietary trading division. He has worked closely with many universities in India to educate students on derivatives market and risk management and played a lead role in setting-up of a Trading Lab at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research in 2014.

Chintan holds B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Bangalore University and M.Sc. in International Business & Finance from De Montfort University, UK. In his free time, he enjoys playing keyboard and cooking and is an aspiring marathon runner.

Guest Speakers

Hoshang Daroga – Hoshang began his career with TransMarket Group as a Senior Trader, implementing statistical arbitrage and relative value strategies during the financial crisis, after which he joined MLV & Co, an investment bank in New York, as an Equity Research Analyst. He is currently working with Copia Capital management as Quantitative Investment Manager and is responsible for maintaining and enhancing Copia’s quantitative algorithms. Hoshang holds a Master’s in Financial Engineering from UCLA School of Management in Los Angeles, and an MBA from Fordham University in New York. He has over 7 years’ experience in financial markets and is currently pursuing his CFA certification.

Paul Rodriguez – Paul Rodrigues is Director at Think Trading and is based out of London. Paul has 20+ years of experience in financial markets and has run several courses in technical analysis and trading for proprietary trading firms, banks and universities across London. He is also a frequent commentator on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Reuters TV.

Darren Chu – Darren Chu is the founder at Tradable Patterns and is based out of Singapore. He has 12+ years experience working at various international exchanges. Darren is an active trader and trades across agricultural commodities, energy, commodities and interest rates. He holds CFA, FCSI and DMS degrees.