Fyers Setup

To trade with Fyers using the APIBridge desktop application, follow the steps given below:

1) Make an account / Login to Fyers API Creation Page

2) Create a new app to allow connection between Fyers and APIBridge. Click on “Create new app”.  Fill following details:
App Name: Algoji
Redirect Url: https://google.com/
Description: not required

Fyers Setup

After creating the app, wait for the Fyers team to approve it. Note carefully the API Key, API Secret and Redirect url on a notepad on your computer. Now login to API Bridge, and fill these details under Application Settings -> API Settings.

Fyers Setup

After putting API credentials, change mode to Default and click on Login to API.

IMPORTANT: Fyers system allows login from only one platform at a time. If, you do login to Fyers web while APIBridge is running, connection will be lost, and you will get error like Broker did not return response or Status not returned.

If, you do login to Fyers web while APIBridge is running, go to Bridge root folder, Data, delete cache.alg. And restart APIBridge again to login fresh and reconnect with Fyers API.

Fyers API Features

Auto Order CancellationYES
Trail SL in BONO
MCX FuturesYES
NSE CurrencyYES
NSE Weekly OptionsYES

Last update: May 7, 2020. Join our Telegram channel for all updates https://t.me/algoji