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Foundational Amibroker Training for APSAT requires good understanding of Amibroker UI, learning programming basics, and learning basic Technical Analysis when required. You cannot take the full value out of APSAT unless you have completed the foundational tutorials. This is because APSAT is an advanced professional course. “Session-2 Database Settings, Layouts, Explorations, Scans, sentiment indicators, using AddToComposite and Foreign functions in AFL” has been made openly accessible to help in foundational training.

Foundational Amibroker Training

Please take complete the following tasks sequentially, that is, step by step.

  1. Learn how database are managed in Amibroker shown in video from 4:00 mins
  2. Create your own database using technique shown at 8:00 mins to import data for multiple stocks.
  3. Learn about main Amibroker functionalities- DB Settings, Layouts, Explorations, Scans upto 38:00 mins
  4. Create your own indicator:
  5. Create your own exploration
  6. Backtesting
  7. Learn how to create your own custom index at 38:00 mins
  8. Learn how to create your own sentiment indicators at 43:00 mins

Learning Programming Basics

The following programming tutorial is very easy; school kids are able to grasp them in 7th Grade. Click on the link below, then practice the tutorial page by page. You will need to read it, and code yourself using ‘Try it yourself’ feature for testing the code.

Tutorial: Introduction to Programming

There are tons of videos by top-tier university professors. I do not suggest to go through them for basics. You cannot learn programming by watching any video. You cannot learn programming until you code yourself. The above tutorial allows you to code and practice programming right inside your browser window.

Further, to learn for loop, take the following tutorials:
For Loop in Java
For Loop in C

It is important that you learn programming basics- syntax, arrays, conditional statements, loops etc. before starting AFL coding. These tutorials are not specific to any programming language; they make you learn the basics.

Basic Techcnical Analysis

You should understand the following terms: support/resistance, trend, Momentum, RSI, MACD, MA, EMA, Candlestick Chart. The stockcharts school is a good resource for this:

Basics in Automated Trading

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