Foundation in Stock Market Course - AlgoJi

Foundation in Stock Market Course

Course Duration: 40 Days

Course Content: 

  1. Introduction to Markets
  2. Relationship between Economy & Markets
  3. Cycles – Economic / Business and Sector Analysis
  4. Understanding the Fundamentals of a Company
  5. Reading Financial Statements of a Company
  6. Ratio Analysis and Valuation
  7. Investments
  8. Risk & Returns
  9. Investment Strategies – Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive
  10. Importance of Psychology / Behavioral Aspects while Investing
  11. Introduction to Technical Analysis
  12. Chart patterns and indicators
  13. Risk Management , Position Sizing and Trade timing methods using Technical Analysis
  14. Derivative Strategies – Basic & Advanced
  15. Financial Risk Management, VAR, Stress analysis


Registration Details: Currently we are accepting registrations for this course only through colleges

Trainer Profile: Manoj Sharma

Manoj Sharma is a Chartered Accountant. He is from 1992 batch and has been accorded Rank in CA Finals. He has two decades of experience in the field of Financial Markets across Merchant Banking, Institutional & Retail Broking, Asset Management & Research.

Currently he managing an advisory firm and providing consultancy services to HNI’s / Corporates.

He is equally passionate towards knowledge sharing and has been a speaker at seminars held by chapters of CA Institute & CS Institute. Currently he is also acting as a regular Visiting Faculty with a Leading Wealth Management company in India and keep visiting business schools and teaching Financial Markets & Finance Risk Management.