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Software Development Services

Mobile Algo Trader

For Brokers and Sub-brokers

Case Study: EZ Algo App. Click here to download from Play Store

Problem Statement: Retail investors make haphazard trade decisions because they do not have access to systematic investing tools. Even basic algorithm enabled trading orders like Bracket/GTC are not available, or not affordable.

Why India’s First: Powered by AlgoJi’s Quantton engine, the mobile algo trading app will be delivered free to all investors via partner brokers. 1) App enforces risk management at trade level as well as portfolio level via algorithm enabled trading orders. 2) App delivers advanced quantitative analytics to end users in simplified, traditional charts. 3) Plug-n-play architecture which allows developers to plug-in different platforms like python/amibroker/java/ c++ etc.

PS1: Initial launch has one pre-built algorithmic strategy. However, you can plug your own strategy as well. Contact us for your strategy integration.
PS2: App is white-labeled for brokers
PS3: Sneak-peek into the technical architecture of app has been given in Coding Cases, at Mumbai Algo Traders Conference

  • India’s first algo trading mobile app
  • White labelled app with customizations at less than one-tenth of market price
  • Complete compliance support
  • Advanced charting
  • Advanced risk and position management analytics
  • Auto trading for your clients made easier than placing manual orders
  • Feature-rich application with future upgrades

Development Services

  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Automation
  • Order Routers
  • CRM Integration
  • RMS Utilities
  • Custom Algorithm Development

Amibroker SMS Alerts

Send any type of sms alerts right from your AFL strategy! This is an ideal solution for stock brokers or investment advisors using Amibroker. Fill the form below for custom solution.
  • Configure groups of contact numbers to send sms alerts right from your Amibroker chart
  • Configure alert type: price alert, indicator alert, buy/sell signal alert, trendline alert etc.
  • Any third-party application not required; your data remains private
  • Send SMS through transactional routes
  • Cheap SMS charges starting from 10 paisa per sms
  • Also send sms alerts from Amibroker AA window for 100s of stocks without opening any charts