APSAT Assignment 1

The following assignment from APSAT makes you learn basic AFL coding. When you submit the assignment questions (AFLs), we will email you the solutions 🙂

Question 1: Code an indicator which shows highest high value of the past 20 closing prices

Question 2: Code an indicator which shows (range of last 20 periods) + moving average of last 20 periods

Question 3(A): Define Short price and Cover price also in the AFL discussed “Range Stratgey.afl”
Question 3(B): Modify the code in 3(A) so that BuyPrice and SellPrice are displayed on chart using PlotText()
Question 3(C): Backtest the strategy in 3(A). Note carefully any irregularities in signal generation or trade prices. Write irregularities in text file and upload them with AFL codes.
Question 4: Write an exploration code to filter stocks trading above/below their 20 period range.
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