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  1. Hi, I have a automated trading system coded in MotiveWave (in java) that i use to trade ES. Now I read that in order to use Symphony etc for Nifty futures amibroker is needed. My question is: Will it be possible to use a socket mechanism to send my signals from MotiveWave to Amibroker and then use the Symphony API to route it further. What I am saying is that I don’t want to recode the whole thing in AFL again.

  2. So essential a small piece of code (which recieves the signal from mw) will be in AFL and the main logic is in MW.

  3. Hi, sorry about the late reply.

    You do not need add Amibroker just for the purpose of ‘socket’… it will increase inefficiency in the overall system.

    Symphony API can be directly connected with MotiveWave. The junior team at Symphony may not be aware of this solution. Talk to someone senior there with reference of AlgoJi, they will provide you a solution.

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