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Algo Trading FAQ

What is Algo Trading?

Legality of Algo Trading in India

Components of an Algo Trading System

Recommended Books:

Categorized List of Trading Books

Software for Automated Order Placement


  1. sir i want your algo product.send your mail id and contact detail

  2. Hi, we do not sell any product as you can check in the “About Us” page:

  3. Mr.Prakash. Our company deals in mechanical trading system(algo trading).

  4. sir, i want an afl for my strategy. please let me know your contact details.

  5. Is there any training provided to beginners with keen interest in algo trading

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to know what capital should be deployed for effectively run a Algo strategy and be profitable.

    Also what range of risk returns should be looked at for the system to be considered before getting full-time.

  7. i have registered amibroker. how can i run algo now? where can i get real time data? i have a few strategies too.

  8. Hi,

    I want to know more about your course.

    Please reach me at my mentioned ID and contact number. Looking forward to your call/mail.

  9. algo trading soft.

  10. Hello sir, our website needs your website needs improvement. Been facing issues when it comes to logging in. I have just made the payment for Algo course and I don’t see any content which I could download or view.

    Also, the account is getting locked out. After payment, I have received mail from PayUMoney but no details regarding the login password.

    Could you please reach me soon, @9035815048, as I ain’t able to find your contact details too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. How do I get the APIBridge ID to log into the purpletrades bridge to AB???

  12. How do I get the API Bridge ID to log into the purpletrades bridge to AmiBroker ?

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