Algo Traders Ahemdabad Meetup - AlgoJi

To meet Algo Traders in India and your city- simply register below to get in touch with us through mobile & whatsapp. We bring together established full time traders, part time traders, as well as learners. Our focus is 100% practical. We enjoy talking about how to automate trading strategies, which type of strategies are making money, and, which types of strategies are hard to implement.

Welcome to the largest professional community of Algo Traders in India!

But wait, if you provide (or interested in) tips/calls/commentary/views on the market, you are not welcome. Sorry for being rude. This is just a note of caution to save your time.

Date: 18 March, 2017

Time: 4pm

Venue: Chicago Hotel

Agenda: Casual networking, discussion on latest trends in technology and strategies.

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